I am The Professor and welcome to my SF & Horror Host Tome.

Having studied extensively, I have applied my knowledge to seek out all things spooky.

Unfortunately, on my last trip, my companions and I were transported through a vortex into an alternative universe.

The Professor and company through the Vortex; from The Professor on Vimeo.

As I now have a lot of time on my hands, and with this universe having an excellent library, I have commenced compiling a Tome on science fiction & horror hosts.

Although trapped in the alternate universe, I am still able to receive emails - go figure. Any corrections and additions will be greatly appreciated.

I have taken a very broad view of what is a host, which covers the traditional movie presenting hosts, hosts of anthology series, announcers, narrators and horror, science fiction & fantasy / supernatural movies & television; reviewers, assistants & other cast, as well as any other odd bods. Also covered will be radio hosts and movies featuring hosts. And later, horror hosts from comics. There is also a section for non-hosted fantasy, horror and science fiction anthology movies and television shows.

As this is always going to be a work in progress, it will be added to when I am not trying to figure out a way to escape from this alternate universal, it may take some time to keep the site up to date.

There are so many people to thank for their contributions to this Tome, which I will acknowledge on various pages. But without the science fiction & horror movies - we would not have any science fiction & horror hosts.

A big thank you goes to Witch Cinders, who has put up with my many hours spent compiling the Tome.

So follow me through the Tome entry.

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