Commader Strong was a children's hosted space show in the 1970s.

It was hosted by Warwick Rankin on the 0-Ten network from 1971 for a few years.

Warwick Rankin was born New South Wales, Australia in 1945 died in Rydal, New South Wales, Australia on 18 January 2015.

Rankin started his working life in the Commonwealth Public Service in the 1960's.

Bewteen 1967 - 1971, Sydney homes were entertained by "Good Morning With Rosemary", a weekday breakfast & variety show for children, on Channel 10; presented by Rosemary Eather, with sidekick Warwick Ranlin.

In 1971, Rankin left the show to be the host of his own show - "Commander Strongarm".

Strongarm was a play on the name Armstrong (from Neil Armstrong - first person to walk on the moon)

The show was aimed at children, with lots about space; competitions and prizes.

Phil Paton from "The Village Voice" (Lithgow) had this to say about Rankin.
"Members of the Rydal and Meadow Flat communities are shocked and saddened at the sudden death of local resident Warwick Rankin who passed away last Sunday, January 18th, aged just 69. Warwick is probably best known to Sydney FM radio listeners as "Wazza the Rock Dog" from Triple M, and had been involved in journalism and television for 40 years.

He moved to the area a few years ago, and has been an active participant in both communities.

He was a frequent visitor to the Rydal Pub and was always ready to have a chat on any topic, as he was well versed in most through his career.

The first time he walked into the Pub and started talking I recognised his distinctive voice. He was quite humble that someone had recognised his voice after leaving radio ten years prior".

Another quote made at the time of Rankin's death by derFred said.
"I met Warwick whilst working at a video post-production company briefly in the mid eighties. Warwick was working for Triple M, and came in with their team on occasion.

I was secretly thrilled to meet Commander Strongarm from the TV of my childhood of (only the decade before).

A chance sighing of a lone Warwick before the Iron Maiden concert at the Hordern Pavilion in 1984 gave me the opportunity to introduce MY MATE COMMANDER STRONGARM to my friends. TOP moment!!!"

Here is an audio clip from when Warwick Rankin was a news reporter.


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