Heir to the Creepovic dynasty, Count Creepovic has been
banished to the bowels of the Opera House for 999 years -
for posting on Facebook, details of his illicit affair
with Countess Cassandra, his step-mother.

Following him into exile, his wife Stormy Weather,
man servant Eye-Gore, guardian Deadly Earnest,

the children and in-laws, and his entourage of Ghouls, Zombies and creatures.

The only way to drown out the nauseating incomprehensible nightly opera, is by the playing of old horror movies . . . .

The show is a mixture of animatronics - voiced by Paul Gerard Kennedy;

and live action.

Episode one have as zombies played by:
Cameron Guy Beazley
Colin Paul Briscoe
Darren William Douglas Parsons
Jordan Matthew Bullen
Graham Gradfield Barnard

Paul Kennedy is better known for his show:
The Professor
The Professor's Scary Movie Show

Watch episode one:

Count Creepović - Episode 1 "Inn of the Damned" from The Professor on Vimeo.


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