Hedley Cullen was the fourth actor to
play Deadly Earnest in Australia.

He was one of the five different actors to play Deadly.

The Deadly Earnest character was originated in Western
Australia's TVW-7 in 1961.

Cullen's show aired from 14 July 1967 till 20 June 1975
on SAS-10 Adelaide.
Aweful Movies with Cullen as Deadly also aired
on TVW-7 Perth during 1971.

Cullen, as Deadly hosted and or appeared in the following shows:

Terrorthon Spectacular
20 November 1970

A double feature horror special on SAS Channel 10 Adelaide,
screening "The Beckoning Fair One" as well as an
"Aweful Movie with Deadly Earnest" presentation.

Deadly Earnest's Spooky Colour Marathon
1 March 1975
A hosted horror and science fiction movie marathon with
Hedley Cullen as "Deadly Earnest" screened on ADS Channel 7,
Adelaide, South Australia

Deadly's Delirious Delights
During 1975

A hosted afternoon childrens' cartoon show with Hedley Cullen as
Deadly Earnest on SAS-10 Adelaide.

ADS-7 Good Friday Easter Appeal Marathon
3 April 1977

A hosted horror and fantasy movie marathon with Hedley Cullen
as "Deadly Earnest" screened on ADS Channel 7, Adelaide,
South Australia on 3 April 1977.

Deadly Earnest's Nightmare Theatre
10 March 1978 until 15 October 1978

Hosting horror movies on ADS Channel 7 Adelaide, South Australia.

Cullen started his television career by appearing the
1962 telemovie "The Valley of Water".

He was to appear in 19 movies, telemovies and televisions shows
including "Consider Your Verdict", "My Name's McGooley, What's Yours?",
"Boney", "Homicide", "Matlock Police", "Solo One", "Sunday Too Far Away",
"Storm Boy", "The Last Wave", "Weekend of Shadows" with his final
appearance in the movie "Call Me Mr. Brown" released in 1990.

At the start of each show, Cullen would rise from his coffin.
He would introduce each movie followed by his laughter slowly fading away.

His trade mark was a set of googly eyes, which made him look very scary.
He also had a skull named Yorick as his partner.

Cullen had a large following, with children sending in their drawings.

Hedley was married to Nancy Nell Graham on 8 June 1940.
Graham was born 3 July 1917 in Warnambool, Victoria, Australia,
and died on 26 January 2003.

In an interview he was quoted as saying that he was paid only
$20 per episode.

There was also merchandise.

Sadly he passed away in 1994 aged 79.

Portrait of "Deadly Earnest" by Bradley Beard.
"Deadly Earnest" - biography (taken from Bradley Beard's Facebook page)"
The Australian horror host excursion has ended... for the time being. Today I present Deadly Earnest, host of Deadly Earnest's Aweful Movies on SAS-10 in Adelaide, Australia, which ran from 1967 to 1972. Hedley Cullen played the Adelaide version of Deadly Earnest. Cullen began his show by rising from his coffin and introducing the movies while his echoing laughter faded out as the movie began. He wore a bizarre pair of googly eyes that gave him a very odd and creepy persona. His sidekick was a skull named Yorick. Cullen once stated in an interview that he received $20 per show. No footage of Cullen was known to exist until SAS-10 was celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2005 where they unearthed a few amazing clips. Deadly Earnest is the only horror hosted program ever to have four different actors in four different cities playing the same character at the same time. That's historic.

Some rare footage of Hedley Cullen as Deadly Earnest
and a colourised version by Rocket J42

Deadly Earnest - Hedley Cullen from The Professor on Vimeo.

Deadly Earnest - Hedley Cullen (colourized) from The Professor on Vimeo.

A rare audio of Hedley Cullen as Deadly Earnest

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A few newspaper articles about Cullen as Deadly Earnest

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