A hosted anthology short movie show with David Black as "Count Funghoula" presenting off the wall, short horror, science fiction, fantasy and other genre movies.

The show started on 14 April 2020, with three episodes aired as at July 2020.

From the Melbourne independent filmmakers biography on David Black:
"David Black, on born 29 June 1964 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia; grew up in Melbourne and lives in Melbourne. He is an actor, writer, producer and director in films. He started off his creative endeavours as a cartoonist by publishing his first underground comic, "Gooby" at the age of 17. As a cartoonist, he had a cartoon strip, "Punkz", run in the national rock weekly magazine "Juke" in 1988 and worked as the editorial cartoonist for the national tabloid "The Truth" in 1989 and 1990. He published a comic book "Punkz In Space" in 1993.

David is also a writer of short stories and his series "Obsessions of a Shattered Psyche" were published in Dark Angel Magazine in the 1990s. He has made 3 of those short stories into short films. His writing has also extended to covering the Australian Indie Movie industry in The Movie Blog and Oz Indie Cinema. He writes for The Australian Short Film Network Journal.

David is also a bass player, singer and songwriter. He played in the theatrical gothic rock band, "Darkness Visible", which gigged across Melbourne from 1994. He has recorded 10 songs in the studio. It was the band that segued him into film making when he started making music videos. Between 2009 - 2017, he produced 10 music videos.

David Black is an all-rounder when it comes to creative pursuits and this has helped his filmmaking immensely. He is involved in every aspect of the process from writing, prop making, costuming, through to editing and even marketing. He works with quite a variety of people and allows them as much creative freedom as possible, while overseeing each film from beginning to end. David has become best known for horror and schlock films, however most have a spiritual and psychological sub narrative, and can often be seen as a commentary on the modern world."

Below are the first three episodes:

David's current venture is the feature length movie "Toxic Alien Zombie Babes From Outer Space". Watch the below promotional video.

And the rap song from the upcoming feature film "Toxic Alien Zombie Babes From Outer Space".

Toxic Alien Zombie Babe Rap from The Professor on Vimeo.

Count Funghoula's first show was on:

Horror House in 2019.

Portrait of "Count Funghoula" by Bradley Beard.
"Count Funghoula" - biography (taken from Bradley Beard's Facebook page)"
"Now that we are alone, we can do what we like...
and I know what you like!" Tonight I present Count Funghoula, host of Horror House and
David Black's Dramatica Diablos which can both be seen on YouTube. Count Funghoula was
the very first member of the Bela Lugosi fan club having joined in 1756... 126 years
before Bela was even born. Horror House was a series consisting of 6 episodes which
featured Australian short horror films. It was co-hosted by Mistress Boobiyana and
featured hilarious over the top sexually driven sitcom styled skits complete with their
own laugh track; definitely not for the kiddies. Dramatica Diablos is Funghoula's
current show. It features a short film by David Black in each episode and the Count
takes the reigns in a traditional horror hosted style.
The episode featuring "Sinister Symbiosis" aired on Melbourne's Channel 31 on Halloween.
Four episodes have been completed but the show is currently on hiatus due to the pandemic.


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