It had almost been ten years since South Australia had it last Horror Host, that being Hedley Cullen as Deadly Earnest.

In 1986 Peter Goers became the host of Fright Night.

Goers was born in Adelaide, South Australia in July 1951.

He has had a long career in the entertainment industry, including television, movies, the press, theatre and radio, of recent times radio 891 ABC Adelaide.

In 1986 he was the presenter of "The Golden Years of Hollywood" for ADS-7; screening old Hollywood movies.

The show ran for a couple of years.

1986 also saw Goers become the host of Fright Night, presenting old horror movies.

Not much is known about the show, or how long it ran.

In 2003, Goers appeared in the movie "Iced Lolly" as Mastertech;
and in 2012 he narrated "Her Name Was".

He also appeared in the documentary movies:
"How to Make a Film" (2012)
"How 2 Make a Film: Billion dollar weekend" (due for release)
"How to Sell a Film" currently in production.

In 2013 Goers was honour by receiving an Order of Australia.

There is no known footage of Fright Night, but from the same year is an introduction to his "Golden Years of Hollywood".

A few newspaper articles about Goers and Fright Night

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