TABITHA HALLEY (as Tabitha Clutterbuck) - "GRAVEYARD SHIFT"

In 1997, Arena TV commenced screening a horror movie show, hosted by Tabitha Clutterbuck.

Tabitha Clutterbuck (now Tabitha Halley) is a writer, producer, television presenter and voice actor was educated at Methodist Ladies' College, Melbourne and the University of Melbourne.

In 1997, she became the host for Graveyard Shift on Arena TV.

Unlike many horror hosts of the past, Clutterbuck did not have an alter ego, but instead, presented each movie in her own personal style.

The show was screened on a Friday night from about 8:30pm, unusually with a double bill, running until about 1:00 to 1:30am; then repeating until morning.

The show was extremely popular and ran until 1999.
There was even a Tabitha doll made - I am unsure if was commercial or fan made.

After the show, Clutterbuck appeared on the The 10:30 Slot and "20 to 1. Scariest Movie Monsters" in February 2010.

Some youtube clips from "Graveyard Shift"

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