Count Frightenstein The Narrator Igor
Billy Van Vincent Price Fishka Rais

Mini-Count The Professor Super Hippy
Guy Big Julius Sumner Miller Mitch Markowitz

Bwana Clyde Batty Gorilla Grizelda, The Ghastly Gourmet
Billy Van Billy Van Billy Van

The Librarian The Maharishi The Oracle
Billy Van Billy Van Billy Van

Dr Pet Vet The Singing Soldier The Wolfman
Billy Van Billy Van Billy Van

Brucie J. Monster The Grammar Slammer The Grammar Slammer Bammer
Himself Billy Van Joe Torbay

Gronk Harvey C. Wallbanger The Mosquito
Joe Torbay Joe Torbay Mitch Markowitz

Other Characters
Castle Frightenstein has many other characters, often not seen and include:
Bat: It makes flybys in Grizelda's kitchen and in the library.
Boris, the Venus Flytrap: Is a plant and the pet of the Count; with a bite.
Count's Mother: Calls the Count on the telephone and speaks to him in a high pitched very fast voice.
Horrendous: A Calico kitten that belongs to The Librarian; occasionally knocking over books.
Mr. Sloth: Is a three toed sloth, who lives in a dungeon in the castle.
Although unseen, it is heard growling if Igor asks to keep a pet.

Oscar: Is a skull that sits on the bookshelf behind The Librarian. The Narrator also likes to play with Oscar.
Polly: Although caked in dust, it perches on the Librarian's chair, and on the table in Grizelda's kitchen.
Sliver: Is Grizelda's broomstick.
Spider: Occassionally drops in on Grizelda and The Narrator.
The Mailman: An unseen character who delivers the mail.
He can be heard screaming and running away from Igor.

The Rarey Bird: Is a bird that Bwana Clyde Batty keeps in a cage.
It is unable to be seen as it flies faster than the speed of sight.

Tulips: These are flowers in a planter box that the Count encourages to grow; that result in them keeling over.
Sometimes they speak in a quick and high pitched tone.

Zanzibar, the castle ghost: Who is unseen and haunts the library laughing and slamming doors.

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