Fishka Rais was born in South Africa and died in 1974 after an operation.

He became an accomplished jazz singer in South Africa. He later moved to Canada.

His first reported acting role was in the 1961 South African movie "Moord in Kompartement 1001E";
followed in 1965 in another South African movie "Tokoloshe".

In 1973 his appeared in the Canadian horror / comedy movie "Cannibal Girls".

From his acting career, he is best remembered as Igor from the 1971 Canadian television series "The Hilarious House of Frightenstein".

Igor is Count Frightenstein's man-servant and companion. Igor and the Count are ancient creatures (around 800 years old),
exiled from their beloved homeland of Transylvania,
and may only return home once the monster Brucie has been restored to life.

Rais was to marry Olga. Their only son Guy Abramovich Rais (who is a well known actor in Romania)
filmed a remake of House of Frightenstein in Canada during 2005.
He was to play the Count & the Wolfman.
To date, I have not been able to locate any further information on the remake.

Fortunately, most of the series is available on youtube

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"Fishka Rais"

"Fishka Rais"

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