Sadie Rae - "Miss Gory Rae"

The Gory Hole.. Unlive! is a Canadian hosted horror movie show with Sadie Rae as the host "Miss Gory Rae" - the Redheaded Maven of the Manic Macabre.

The show was aired on the Monster Channel from 30 April 2011, with the first episode being the movie "Freaks".

Sadie Rae was born in Columbus, Ohio, USA (on 6 August 1913 according to her Facebook account),
and later moved to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1983 and now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.

The best person to provide Miss Gory Rae's biography, is the woman herself.
(from her Facebook page)
Honorary Tromette, "Goddess of Horror'', reviewer of horror films, fiery, intense & slightly controversial horror figure.
Hostess and creator of "Horror Nights @ The Rio".

Now officially been deemed (and verified) as 'The only horror hostess in Canada!'
But seeing as a large % of fans are actual from quite interesting and far off ports from around the world,
an eye is definitely being kept on the global view.

Miss Gory Rae hosting her own horror flicks from a collection which now stands at over 4,000;
Back when she was a projectionist whilst attending Carleton University for Film Studies.

She was first person to be given own night, which even after she left, and due to popular demand,
it continued, and is infamous for any alumni who used to go.

Miss Gory Rae Now:
She spends her time talking to infamous directors and actors in the horror biz,
and can be seen on stage hosting a "Midnight Double Bill" of pure fright fixes:
as well as 'Vancouver's, only Tromette', an honorary title
which came with the statement "Goddess of Horror" by the very infamous "Troma" founder Lloyd Kaufman,
and maintains her duty to him by making sure there is a little "Troma" in everyone here in Vancouver.

Miss Gory Rae is also known for her 'chameleon' stage wear and trademark adventures.
Sometimes with her trademark lensed eyepatch, also sporting bloodied knives, guns,
and even a small machete tucked into the only places you can see, is her Macabre Moniker.

However, she also maintains that every screening is complimented by attire appropriated
for the films being screened.

She is also currently working on a screenplay "The Cannibal Run".

She has a background in drama, and improvisation,
and yes, even band experience (Vox),
and a myriad of other macabre talents,
that she he brings to the stage to make sure
the audience is exposed to everything they need to see and know
about the very finest horror films.

She has also been modelling for the freaky since she was 17
and still going strong.

She also now writes for Canada's only nationwide alternate zine, "Absolute Underground",
and does reviews, and interviews.

If you are interested in booking Miss Gory Rae for:
private functions
spooky soiree's
or an unbridled addition to your Horror Wedding
(Oh, we have Zombies and Camera folk to enhance it, as well as Custom Cranium mash and other fetid looking food)
Gory & Her Gorriors are available for your next horror event.

Phone number, e-mail or message me on here.

I am a low maintenance macabre mistress
Ask me about it!

Sadie Rae also has two other screen credits:
"Night of the Unwed" playing a Zombie in this 2010 short movie

and Cyclical Effect playing Denise - Viral #10 in this 2012 movie

There are some Youtube clips available of Miss Gory Rae.

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