Urban Legends was a Canadian television series produced by NextFilm.
The series ran from 23 June 2007 till 27 May 2011.

During the three series run, its 45 episodes were hosted by Michael Allcock who provided the voice of the narrator.

Each episode featured three different urban legends, one of which was based on a true event.
The other two stories were ficticious.
At the end of the episode, the factual legend would be revealed.

The narrator, Michael Allcock was born in Montreal, Canada.

He is well known as a writer for television, with his credits including:
Starhuner (2000)
Final 24 (2007)
Naked Science (2008)
F2: Forensic Factor (2009-2010)
Alien Mysteries (2013)
Close Encounters (2014)
After Circus (2015)

Allcock has also produced, directed and narrated television shows.
His narration credits include:
Urban Legends (2007-2011)
Treasure Trader (2012)
Camp X (2014)

Fortunately, most episodes for the series are available on Youtube.

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 1 is also available on DVD

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"Urban Legends"

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