Freaky was a New Zealand anthology series that was aired in 2003 in New Zealand and Australia.
There were 13 episodes, with each episode having 3 separate stories.
The stories were fantasy, horror, science fiction and supernatural, all being a bit freaky.

Each episode was presented by Daniel Costello, who provided an overarching connection between the stories; usually with something unpleasant happening to Costello by the end of the episode.

The series was produced by Avalon Productions with funding from New Zealand On Air.

Costello was born in Wellington, New Zealand on 5 October 1988, making him 15 years old when the show was released.
He is probably one of the youngest person to host such a show.

His first appearance was in the television movie "Atomic Twister" in 2002.
Since then, he has appeared in the television series "The Strip" (2002), "Revelations" (2002), "The Hothouse" (2007), and the television movie "Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off (2003).

As well as presenting the "Freaky" episodes, he also appeared in Episode 13 as Thomas.

Episode 1 - Stories:
Slide, Lab-Rats, Radio

Episode 2 - Stories:
Fridge, Cleaner, Sister

Episode 3 - Stories:
Mirror, Hitcher, Sitcom

Episode 4 - Stories:
Family, Copier, Costume

Episode 5 - Stories:
Mail, House, Principal

Episode 6 - Stories:
Graveyard, Tent, Dice

Episode 7 - Stories:
Homework, Dummy & Ghost

Episode 8 - Stories:
Photobooth, Babysitter & Freak

Episode 9 - Stories:
Trolley, Swing & Braces

Episode 10 - Stories:
Bullies, Camp & Dog

Episode 11 - Stories:
Fort, Photo & Pioneer

Episode 12 - Stories:
Track, Gameshow & Fame

Episode 13 - Stories:
Future, Teacher & Elevator

Although not released on DVD as yet, many episodes may be found on Youtube.

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