The fourth known Australian television horror host was Shane Porteous. He was one of the five different actors to play Deadly Earnest in Australia. The Deadly Earnest character was originated in Western Australia’s TVW-7. Porteous played Deadly Earnest in "Aweful Movies with Deadly Earnest" that was aired during 1967 to 1968 on TVQ-0 Brisbane.
Porteous’ first television appearance was as Deadly Ernest. Within a short time, he left the show and journeyed to Sydney to continue his career. He appeared in many shows including Contrabandits, Number 96, Catch Kandy, Homicide; with his most notable show being A Country Practice as Doctor Terrence Elliot; starring in over 900 hundred episodes. Porteous’ last appearance was in the 2011 movie "Codgers".

Shane Porteous with Ron Haddrick

No known footage is available of his Deadly Earnest character, only a few stills; including one where his replacement “Professor Macabre”, is pictured killing him off.

Porteous' Deadly Earnest has been brought to life by well known artist Bradley Beard.

In 2011 Nigel Honeybone, host of Schlocky Horror Picture Show, interviewed Shane Porteous.

A rare audio of Shane Porteous as Deadly Earnest



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