Fosdyke was an Australian horror host with a bit of a difference.

Fosdyke - Horror Host from The Professor on Vimeo

Good Morning Australia was a day time talk show with host Bert Newton, which aired between 1993 till 2005 and produced by the 0-Ten network (Australia).

One of the production crew was Robert Mascara. Born in 1972, Mascara started with the show in 1993 and soon became floor manager.

Unlike most other shows of its kind, Newton often had Mascara in front of the cameras. Mascara became a taste tester for the celebrity chefs, reciting a limerick after he had finished testing. As his popularity crew, Newton began calling him “Belvedere”, after the Warner Bros cartoon dog character – where the catch cry ….. “Come Belvedere” was used, and worked its way into the show.

Robert Mascara & Bert Newton

It is not clear how the character of Fosdyke originated, but soon enough, Mascara was regularly having make-up and mask to transform him into the ghoul Fosdyke; the horror movie host of the fictional "Good Morning Tombstones", which was advertised as being on every night at Midnight.

It is also not clear how the name Fosdyke was chosen. There is a very small village in England named Fosdyke, with a population of under 600. Fosdyke is old English and old norse meaning Fotr’s ditch.

Good Morning Australia ended in 2005, and in so doing ended the character Fosdyke.

After Good Morning Australia, Mascara continued his work as a freelance floor manager in television shows such as
Comedy Slapdown
The Breast Darn Show in Town
I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here
2014 Antenna Awards

He also worked as a first assistant director on The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

There is little footage of Mascara as Fosdyke. This clip is from the final show for Good Morning Australia (2005).

Fosdyke - clip from Paul Kennedy on Vimeo.


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