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"Max's Midnight Movies" (2012-2013) was an AXN Original Production that pays tribute to scifi, horror and monster movies, from the dawn of cinema until the 1980s. Max (Lili Bordan) is a gorgeous geek who presents scenes from such unforgettable films as the original Flash Gordon series; Killers from Space, a western horror called Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter, The Brain That Wouldn't Die and Hercules Meets the Moon Men! The treasury of B-movies is almost unlimited and Max introduces these films with the passion and irony of a true B movie fan. The often sarcastic voiceover by Igor (Andrew Hefler), as well as frequent pop-ups, reveal interesting facts about these early and forgotten cinematic gems. Few of these films were actually intended to be comedies but in the era of 3D movies and superb special effects many are unintentionally funny. With the MMM treatment, they now become funny on purpose. Each and every episode of the show has a different theme, from Zombievolution to Teenage Angst in Outer Space, Fangs for the Memories to the Igor Awards. Come join us on a journey to explore these gems of midnight movie history!

Lili Bordan

From IMDB:
Lili Bordan is a stage and screen actress located in New York City. She grew up speaking Hungarian and French, due to her multi-cultural background. Her first TV job was a guest starring role on Law and Order: SVU, and she went on to act in over 60 studio and independent film and TV productions around the world. Lili wrote, produced and directed her first short film "One Night Only" while pregnant with her first daughter. Her latest projects include short film "You and Me," which she starred in and co-produced alongside acclaimed Moldovan filmmaker Natalia Shaufert. Most recently, Lili played the role of Queen Elizabeth of Prussia in Hungarian feature film, Hadik.

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"Max's Midnight Movies" - trailer from The Professor's Scary Clips on Vimeo.


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