"Max's Midnight Movies Mini" was a Hungarian horror and science fiction movie clip show that acted as an interstitial on AXN SciFi in 2011-2012; with Scott Alexander Young as the unseen narrator. Fifty episodes were produced.

Scott Alexander Young

From Google Books:
Scott Alexander Young is a TV screenwriter, writer, and actor from New Zealand who lives in Budapest, Hungary. He is the creator and writer of Max’s Midnight Movies, an AXN Original Production of a twenty-six-part series about cult cinema classics. Meanwhile, in the guise of actor, Young has recently had parts in television miniseries including Dracula (broadcast on NBC), Fleming (BBC America), and Houdini (coming in 2014 on History). As reflected in Chronicle One of his Wild Cats trilogy, his writing is inspired by Eastern and Central Europe as a birthplace of myth and legend, fairy tales, and horror stories. In his side career as a travel writer, Young has been everywhere from Alaska to Buenos Aires, Hawaii to Florence. And, of course, Piran.

The following is the opening for the show:

Max's Midnight Movies Mini from The Professor's Scary Clips on Vimeo.


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"Scott Alexander Young"

Internet Movie Data Base
"Scott Alexander Young"

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