A. Ghastlee Ghoul Bob Hinton Television Ghastlee and the Horror Host Underground (DATV)
The Ghastlee Movie Show (DATV)
Weird Web Theater (Internet)
Abigail Abigail Hyder Television Deadgar's Dark Coffin Classics (Kenosha TV)
Achmed ? Television Double-Headed Theater (KEMO-TV)
Shock-It-To-Me Theater (KEMO-TV)
Shock Theater (KEMO-TV)
Aesop Charles Ruggles Internet Aesop and Son
Aesop Jr. Daws Butler Internet Aesop and Son
Agnes Nicole McLaughlin Internet The Frightmare Theatre Podcast
Akuma Minion ? Television Fright Night Cinema (The Vortexx)
Al Heath Hillhouse Internet The Frightmare Theatre Podcast
Al Gory (John Leary) Danny DeVito Movie Midnight Shriek (Jack the Bear)
Al Omega James Currie Television Creature Features
Alan Kalter (Announcer) Alan Kalter Television Commander USA's Groovie Movies
Alan Kalter (Announcer) Alan Kalter Television USA Saturday Nightmares (USA Cable Network)
Albert Fish Chris McCabe Television Oliver's Twisted Bargain Basement Midnight Movie Stoner Friendly Freak Show
Albino Gorilla (?) ? Television ?
Aleister Arcane Aleister Green Graphic Novel Saturday Night Creature Feature (WKXZ)
Alexander ? Television Shock (WKBN)
Alexander Al Gutowski Television Eerie Street (WBAY)
Alfred Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock Television Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
Ali Katt Ali Krause Television Bordello of Horror
Alice "The Queen of the Shenanigans" Alice Television Spine Chilling Cinema
Alissa Hunnicutt (Announcer) Alissa Hunnicutt Radio Tales From The Crypt
Alissa Matthews Alissa Matthews Television AndroidVision (Chop Block TV)
Alistair Cookie Frank Oz Television Monsterpiece Theater
Allyn Edwards (Announcer) Allyn Edwards Television Tales of Tomorrow
Alphonso T. Rat Dean Matherly Television Dumpsterpiece Theatre (KPAL-TV)
Amber Amber Vaune Television The Frank and Drac Show (WOIO-TV)
Anderson Helms Anderson Helms Television Cheap Thrills Theatre
Andre The Temp Jonathan Hart Internet Cryptique
Andrew McMurtrey (Announcer) Andrew McMurtrey Internet The Frightmare Theatre Podcast
AndroidVirus Aaron Barreda Television AndroidVision (Chop Block TV)
Angelique ? Television Graveyard Theatre (aka Graveyard Cinema)(WYIN)
Graveyard Theater (TCI Cable)
Angie Erickson Angie Erickson Television AndroidVision (Chop Block TV)
Angus David Weber Television Meadowlands Showcase - Creepy Tales &
The Halloween Takeover - The Horror Show (Public Access)
Announcer ? Television Chiller Theatre (WPIX-TV)
Announcer ? Television Creature Features (WSJV)
Announcer ? Television Creatures From Dimension 13 (WREX-TV)
Announcer ? Movie Doctor Wolfenstein's Creature Feature Show (House of 1000 Corpses)
Announcer ? Television Fantastic Flick (KTXL-TV) (Special)
Announcer ? Television Gasp Theater (KTXL-TV) (Special)
Announcer ? Television Gasp Theater (KTXL-TV)
Announcer ? Television Ghoulie Movie (KBHK-TV)
Announcer ? Television House Of Horror (KABC-TV)
Announcer ? Televsion Monsterpiece Theatre (KYW-TV)
Announcer ? Television Scream Theatre (WXYZ-TV)
Announcer ? Television Shocktober (WKBD-TV)
Announcer ? Televison Super Saturday Cinema (KTXL-TV)
Announcer ? Televison Suspense Theater (KCRA)
Announcer ? Televison Terminus...the Theater of Science Fiction (WFLA)
Announcer ? Radio The Eleventh Hour
Announcer ? Television Theater Bizarre (WXXA)
Announcer ? Television TV 40 Sci-Fi Spectacular (KTXL)
Announcer ? Television Wide Scream Theater (KFTY-TV) (Special)
Announcer ? Television Wide Scream Theatre (KTLA-TV) (Special)
Anok Greg Martin Television Friday Fright (KTCI)
Friday Fright (Cable)
Stone Circle Cinema (?)
Antoine Christopher Bergschneider Television William Shatner's Full Moon Fright Night (SCI FI Channel)
Anunnaki of Nibiru (Lizard Man) Scott McKnew Television & Internet Monster Madhouse (FCC-TV) & (FPA-TV)
Arach Wayne Thomas Television Arach and his friend Nid (KHJ-TV)
Arachna of the Spider People Alexis Hmielak Television Beware Theater
Arlene Whiteswan Arlene Whiteswan Internet The Mysterious Domain Movie Palace (YouTube)
Armistead Spottswoode Armistead Wellford Television Midnight Frights
Ashley Eek ? Television Screaming Horror Theater
Ashley Ghastly Cyrus Newitt Television Scream Theatre (WCSC-TV)
Aslona Hoesly John Bertoli Internet Ghoulguy's Horror Drive-In Theatre
Asmodeus Frank Sheridan Television Double-Headed Theater (KEMO-TV)
Shock-It-To-Me Theater (KEMO-TV)
Shock Theater (KEMO-TV)
Asmodius Jeff Gibson Television Shock Theatre (WPTA-TV)
Shock Theater (WUHQ-TV)
Aunt Clarice Joanne Nakaya Internet/Television Sicko-Psychotic (The Monster Channel)
Aunt Vivian Darkbloom Arielle Seidman-Joria Television Princeton Vice Presents
Aunt Gertie Dick Von Hoene Television Scream-In (WXIX)
Aura The Witch Ava Hogue Television Chiler Night Theater
Jack Shadow's Chiller Night Presents
Sleepy Hollow Theater
Awful Dreadful ? Television Son of Chiller (KMBC-TV)

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