H.B Phleggum ? Television Horror Dungeon
Hack Tony Hack Covington Television Hack's Horror Show
Hal From HR Jonathan Hart Television Mutagen Nation
Halloween Jack Evan Davis Television The Haunted Theatre (Cablevision of Monmouth)
The Horror Host Underground Presents (Cablevision of Monmouth)
Halloween Jacqueline ? Television The Haunted Theatre (Cablevision of Monmouth)
Hanah The Intern Hanah Bailey Television Screaming Horror 3D Theater
Hanna Hag ? Television Hanna Hag's Horrible Hotpot (Beyond Our Control)
Hans Tim Hess Television Thriller Theatre With Margali/Thriller Theatre Starring Margali (WDBD-TV)
Harry Morgan (Announcer) Harry Morgan (Announcer) Radio Mystery In The Air
Hattie the Witch (puppet) Larry Smith (puppeteer) Television Scream-In (WXIX)
Hazel Witch Anna Inge Jump Television Shock Theater (WRVA-TV)
Head Jimmy Hollister Television Sinister Cinema (KATU-TV)
Sinister Cinema Halloween Reunion special (KATU-TV)
Head Nurse Maureen Allan Television Zomboo's House of Horror Movies (KOLO-TV)
Heather The Mummy Girl Heather Yaksic Television The It's Alive Show (WBGN-TV)
Helena, Hussy of Horror Cindy Marie Martin Internet Helena, Hussy of Horror
The Hussy of Horror Show
Hellga Scheidenentzundung Angela Rocco Television The It's Alive Show (WBGN-TV)
Henrique Couto (Narrator) Henrique Couto Television Spooky Stories
Henry Austin Stoner Television Zaago's Midnight Hour Horror Extravaganza (The Monster Channel)
Henry Brookersteen Marty Sullivan Televsion Saturday Afternoon Mad Theater (WUAB-TV)
Hillbilly Jack Jonathan Hart Television Mutagen Nation
Hillbilly Jill Lacy Wallace Television Mutagen Nation
Hilo Headley ? Television ? (Hawaiian Cablevision)
Himan Brown Himan Brown Radio CBS Radio Mystery Theater
Hives The Butler Bob Billbrough Televsion Saturday Night Dead (KYW-TV)
Honey, The Mail Girl Honey Gregory Television Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater (The Movie Channel)
MonsterVision (TNT)
Hoolihan Bob Wells Television The Hoolihan and Big Chuck Show (WJKW-TV)
Horace Winklepicker Jimmy Doom Television The Sir Graveson Show
Sir Graveson Presents
Horatio Hughes/Cameo Jim Childs Internet/Television Sicko-Psychotic (The Monster Channel)
Hornstaff Lee Woodward Television Shock Theater (KOTV)
Hornstaff Leon Meier Television Shock Theater (KOTV)
Horrible Henry John Dobrydnio Television Graveyard Cimena
Horrible Hugh Hugh Gallagher Television Horrible Hugh's Coffin Reviews
Horse Head Ed Chris McCabe Television Oliver's Twisted Bargain Basement Midnight Movie Stoner Friendly Freak Show
House Jameson (Host) House Jameson Television Inner Sanctum
Housewife of Horror Rachel Rose Bee Televsion The Housewife of Horror
Hubert Hubert Television Insanity
Hugo ? Television Scream-In (WPGH-TV)
Hugo, The Monster Bill Cecil Television Shock Theatre (WTVP-TV 17)
Hulk Ollie Hunter Television Shock! (KUTV)
Humphrey the Hunchback Barry McAlister Television The WNAB Saturday Night Horror Movie (WNAB)
Frightmare Theater (WNAB)

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