Kaitlyn Kerr Kaitlyn Kerr Television AndroidVision (Chop Block TV)
Kandi The Candy Striper ? Television Dr. San Guinary's Creature Feature
K.A.R.E.N. Petra S. Michelle Internet Mistress of Peace
Karlos Borloff Jerry Moore Television & Internet Monster Madhouse (FCC-TV) & (FPA-TV)
Monster Madhouse Live! (FCC-TV)
Horror Host Underground Network
Katie Kadaver ? Television Deadgar's Dark Coffin Classics (Kenosha TV)
Kato The Black Hornet Gregg Galdo Television Remo D.'s Manor of Mayhem (Cable)
Keith "The Don" Tomasso ? Television The Don of the Dead Show
Ken Bramming (Announcer) Ken Bramming Televsion Creature Feature (WSM-TV)
Ken Gibson Ken Gibson Television Acri Creature Feature (WQAD), (WEEK-TV), (KLJB-TV / KLJB-DT)
Kenny Wickman Ted Miller Television Demented Drive In Theatre (Charter Communications)
Kerwyn Kerwyn Televsion Svengoolie (WCIU-TV)
Kez Kreeps Kez Bonser Television The Dead Vault Horror Show
Kim Kim Luffman Direct to Video
Crypt of Horror
Madnight Movies
Kimera Minion ? Television Fright Night Cinema (The Vortexx)
Klara Kackel John Michaels Television Klara Kackel's Kreepy Kauldron (WHME-TV)
Klouse Jim Thurman Televsion The Shrimpenstein Show (KTLA) & (KHJ)
Kogar, the Gorilla Bob Burns Movie Halloween: The Happy Haunting of America
Krandel, the Martian Eddie Driscoll Television Weird (WLBZ-TV)
Kronos Jack Murdock Television Zone 2 (KTVI)
Kyle Jason Horst Movie The Willies

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