Pamela Sutch Pamela Sutch Internet/Television After Hours Cinema
Pat Pat Mulligan Television Snicker Theater (WNBC-TV)
Patrick McGoohan Patrick McGoohan Tele-Movie Journey into Darkness
Paul Frees (Announcer) Paul Frees Radio The Man In Black
Paul Lukas (Host) Paul Lukas Television Tales of Tomorrow
Paul McGrath (Host) Paul McGrath Television Inner Sanctum
Paul Merta Paul Merta Television Gasp Theater (KTXL-TV)
Paul Sparer (Narrator) Paul Sparer Television Tales From The Darkside
Peaches Christ Joshua Grannell Television/Live Theatre Canned Peaches (CityVisions)
Midnight Mass
Midnight Mass with Your Hostess Peaches Christ
Pearl Forrester Mary Jo Pehl Television Mystery Science Theater 3000
Peg Scott Peg Scott Television The Witching Hour (WTVT)
Shock Theatre (WTVT)
Penn Jillette Penn Jillette Television Monstervision
Penny Dreadful Danielle Gelehrter Television Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers (Cable)
Penny Dreadful Rose Marie Earp Television Son of Chiller (KMBC-TV)
Persephone Danielle Strampp Television Dr. Destruction's Crimson Theatre (Time-Warner Cable)
Pete Sears Pete Sears Television Boo! Theatre (KFSA-TV)
Pete The Pirate Robert Marzano Television Screaming Horror Theater
Screaming Horror 3D Theater
Peter Gory Claude Wayne Fulkerson Television Shock! (WHAS-TV)
Peter Lorre Peter Lorre Radio Mystery In The Air
Peter Lorre Peter Lorre Radio Mystery Playhouse
Peter Lorre Peter Lorre Radio Nightmare
Peter Lorre Jr. Eugene Weingand Television The Night Creatures Show (KTVV)
Peter Vincent
(Herbert McHoolihee)
Roddy McDowall Movie Fright Night (Fright Night)
Fright Night II (Fright Night)
Peter Vincent
(Herbert McHoolihee)
Comic Fright Night (comic)
Fright Night II (Fright Night)
Phaedra Lily White Internet
Events and Theatre
Circus Envy Presents
Phydeaux Basil Worthington Television Night Chills Theatre (Monster Channel)
Pickpocket Pete Michael Catanzaro Television Damian's Dreadfuls (RNC)
RCN TV Halloween Horror Movie Marathon
Pirate Duncan Lamond Television ? (KTTV)
Plasma Don Molander Television Chiller Theater (WQAD)
Playboy Bunny Jane Kellet Television The Late Night Horror Show with Count Norlock (KSPR-TV)
Pointy Doug Appel Television The It's Alive Show (WBGN-TV)
Policewoman At Traffic School Victoria Monroe Television Zomboo's House of Horror Movies (KOLO-TV)
Poopsie Alice Davidson Television Scream-In (WXIX)
Portifoy Simms Keith David Movie Tales From The Hood 2
Portrait Glenn Davish Televsion Saturday Night Dead (KYW-TV)
Post Mortem Mailman ? Television Graveyard Theatre (aka Graveyard Cinema)(WYIN)
Graveyard Theater (TCI Cable)
Presenter Patrick Macnee Television Tales From The Darkside: The Movie
Pretty Dreadful ? Television Son of Chiller (KMBC-TV)
Princess Omaka Omaka Omegah Television Dark Jungle Theater
Princeton Vice Dave Seidman-Joria Television Princeton Vice Presents
Priscilla Ozuna Priscilla Ozuna Television The Joe Flynn Show
Professor Aether ? Television Parallel Dimensions
Professor Anton Griffin Joseph Fotinos Television The Midnight Shadow Show (KVC-TV)
The Midnight Shadow Show (KVC-TV)
The Midnight Shadow Show (KTBC-TV )
Professor Griffin's Midnight Shadow Show (Time Warner Cable)
Professor Bobo Kevin Murphy Television Mystery Science Theater 3000
Professor Cerberus Greg Bransom Television Museum of Horrors (KXAS-TV)
Professor D.B. Dornake Dan Nation Television Mutagen Nation
Trailer Nation
Professor Emcee Square Mark Menold Television The It's Alive Show (WBGN-TV)
Professor Fantastic Jack McKenna Television Fantastic Theatre (WDIO)
Professor Fether Eric Burres Internet Tarr and Fether's Psycho Cinema
Professor Frightcastle Jason Duggins Internet Putrid TV
Professor Frightcastle Jason Duggins Televsion Susie D. Rott's Warehouse of Terror (The Monster Channel)
Professor Ghoul Mike Degnan Television Professor Ghoul's Horror School (WKNO)
Professor Gideon Jim Petersmith Television Shock Theatre (KGAN)
Professor Gilbert Cowznofski ? Television Dr. San Guinary's Creature Feature
Professor Gill Gillman Ciro C. Rubino Television The Professor Gillman Show
Professor I. C. Bloodenguts ? Television Human Kennel Horror Highway (WTMV-TV)
Professor Jasper Farndark ? Television Peculiar Playhouse (KTVB)
Professor Kinema Jim Knusch Television Professor Kinema (LTV)
Professor Lupescu Professor Lupescu Television Kooky Spooky Theatre
Professor M. Balmer Wally Wojciechowski Television Nightmare Sinema
Wolfman Mac's Chiller Drive-in (WMYD TV)
Professor Scrye Chris Handa Television Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (HSTV)
Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (CSMTV)
Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (RTN)
Professor Terrance von Riesling Terry Yates Television Pale Moonlight Theater (Spydar TV)
Professor Willie Shivers Thomas Scopel Television Staying Scared (Monster Channel)
Psycho Ward Cleaver (John Leary) Danny DeVito Movie Midnight Shriek (Jack the Bear)
Punkin The Pinhead Aaron M. White Television Scarevania's Freakhouse Flicks
Pyxie (an Altargirl) ? Televsion The Midnight Massacre Theatre (Vegas 35 KVTE)

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