Rachel Waites Rachel Waites Internet/Television After Hours Cinema
Rage ? Television Deadgar's Dark Coffin Classics (Kenosha TV)
Ralphie Isaac Fesmire Television Mansion of Mystery (The Monster Channel)
Randy Randy Clower Television The Texas 27 Film Vault (KDFI)
Raoul Dante Martinez Television Deadly Cinema (NTTV)
Ratbit ? Television Dr. Dread Reviews (Chop Block TV)
Raven Brian Blair Television Drive-In Movie Maniacs
Raven ? Television The Raven's Rookery
Ravena, The Goddess of Stonehenge Brandi Lynn Coppock Television Stone Circle Cinema (?)
Ravena, The Goddess of Stonehenge Julianna McPherson Television Friday Fright (KTCI)
Friday Fright (Cable)
Ravenscroft Jimmy Hollister Television Sinister Cinema (KATU-TV)
Sinister Cinema Halloween Reunion special (KATU-TV)
Ray Morgan (Announcer) Ray Morgan Television Tales of Tomorrow
Raymond Raymond Edward Johnson
Berry Kroeger
Paul McGrath
Radio Inner Sanctum Mysteries
Raymond Joseph Teller Raymond Joseph Teller Television Monstervision
Red ? Televsion Benedictine The Mad Monk (WZTV)
Red Raven Katie Jones Television Deadgar's Dark Coffin Classics (Kenosha TV)
Regan Lori Wild Television Wolfman Mac's Chiller Drive-in (WMYD TV)
Reginald ? Television Otherworlds (WCKT-TV)
Reginald ? Television The Dungeon (WCKT-TV)
(Regine Dandridge)
Julie Carmen Movie Fright Night (Fright Night II)
Remmy Meshealle Ring Television Screaming Horror Theater
Remo D. Shane M. Dallmann Television Remo D.'s Manor of Mayhem (Cable)
Renfield ? Television Sanguine-Day Night at the Movies (WFFT-TV)
Renfield Mark Nastold Television Transylvania Tonight (The Monster Channel)
Renfield The Spider Renfield The Spider Television The WNAB Saturday Night Horror Movie (WNAB)
Frightmare Theater (WNAB)
Retina Luis El Bean Lerma Television Mondo Smash A' Go Go
Retribution James Earl Jones Movie Terrorgram
Rev. Dr. Menlaux Parks ? Television The Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting (KOTV-TV) & (KTUL-TV)
Reverend Polypus ? Internet/Television/Theatre Atomic Age Cinema!
Dark Carnival Film Fest and Horrorhound Magazine Halloween Special
Reverend Zealot Andrew Copp Televsion Baron Von Porkchop's Terrifying Tales of the Macabre
Rex Lane Rex Lane Television The Late, Late, Late Show (Cable)
Rex Marshall (Announcer) Rex Marshall Televison Suspense
Rex Marshall (Host) Rex Marshall Television Tales of Tomorrow
Rhonda Shear Rhonda Shear Television USA Up All Night/Up All Night (USA Network)
Rich Koz Rich Koz Television Stooge-A-Palooza (WCIU-TV)
Richard Richard Malmos Television The Texas 27 Film Vault (KDFI)
Riggor Mortiss Terry Byrd Internet Riggor Mortiss Presents
Rinfield Jones Ron Hemphill Television Graveyard Theatre (aka Graveyard Cinema)(WYIN)
Graveyard Theater (TCI Cable)
R.I.P. the Undertaker Rick Galiher Tours Dearly Departed Tours
Rizzle MaNizzle Rusty J. Lewis Internet Rizzle's Funhouse of Lunacy! (The Vortexx) (Vimeo)
Roald Dahl Roald Dahl Television 'Way Out
Robbin Graves Mike Stephens Television Horrible Movies (WJCL-TV)
Robed Figure Mike Price Television Saturday Shock Theater (WNYS-TV)
Robert Marzano (Host) Robert Marzano Television Screaming Horror Theater
Screaming Horror 3D Theater
Robin Graves Timothy Francis Meyer Herron Television Baron Von Wolfstein Presents Saturday Night with the Monsters (WTTV)
Robin Ward (Narrator) Robin Ward Movie/Theme Park Ride The Twilight Zone
Robin Williams Robin Williams Television E.T. and Friends
Robyn Graves ? Television Midnite Mausoleum (WQAD)
Rocky Rococo James Martin Pedersen Television MasterPizza Theatre (Fox 47)
Rod Serling (Brick Heck) Atticus Shaffer Movie/Theme Park Ride The Middle Zone (The Middle)
Rod Serling Mark Siverman Movie/Theme Park Ride The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Rod Serling Mark Siverman Television The Twilight Zone
Rod Serling Rod Serling Comic/Radio/Television Night Gallery
The Twilight Zone
The Zero Hour
Roderick John (Jack) Milton Whitaker Television Mystery Mansion (KSL-TV)
Shock! (KUTV)
Roderick Von Zipper J. Gregory Sager Television Wild Thingdom (Monster Channel)
Rodney Don Stinkle Television Tales of Terror (KRCG-TV)
Rodney James D. Valdez Television Nightmare (KSAS)
Rodney Jim Herring Television Nightmare (KSNW)
Rodney John (Jim) Salem Television Nightmare (KSAS)
Rodney Lee Parson Television Nightmare (KAKE-TV)
Nightmare (KWCH-TV)
Roger De Koven (Narrator) Roger De Koven Television Tales of Tomorrow
Roland John Zacherle Television Live on City Line Avenue (WCAU-TV)
Saturday Night Dead (KYW-TV)
The Return of Roland (WCAU-TV)
The Shock Theatre (WCAU-TV)
Roland ? Television Shock Theater (WSIL-TV 3)
Romania Jenny Byers Television The World of the Weird Monster Show (Comcast Cable Chicago)
Ron Ross (Announcer) Ron Ross Television The 10:15 Double Nightmare (KCPX)
The 10:20 Double Nightmare (KCPX)
Nightmare Theater (KCPX)
Ronald the Ghoul Jerry Sandford Television Shock Theatre (WVEC-TV)
Roxsy Tyler Carmela Hayslett Internet Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors
Rubella Susan Diane Valenti Television Wolfman Mac's Chiller Drive-in (WMYD TV)
Ruby The Crusher ? Television The Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting (KOTV-TV) & (KTUL-TV)
Rufnik Lyle 'Red' Koch Television The Adventures of 3-D Danny (WTVT)
Rusty Swallows Corey Danna Television The Sir Graveson Show
Sir Graveson Presents

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