Uncle Creepy John Wrightson Internet Creepy
Uncle Creepy Julian Holloway Internet Uncle Creepy Returns
Uncle Creepy Mike Davis Television Museum of Horrors (KXAS-TV)
Uncle Creepy Uncle Creepy Comic Creepy Magazine
Uncle Dale Dale Dorman Television Creature Feature (WLVI-TV)
Creature Double Feature (WLVI-TV)
Uncle David ? Television Shock Theater (WRVA-TV)
Uncle Davver Wally Wingert Live Uncle Davver's Really Scary Movie Show (Live)
Uncle Death ? Television The Uncle Death Show (The Fright Channel)
Uncle Ed Edward Joseph Muscare Television All Night Live (KSHB-TV)
Uncle Edward Dale Streble Television It Came from the Basement
Uncle Eerie Lee Shivers Joseph Dufresene Television Uncle Eerie's Shiver Show!
Uncle Fright Tony Medeiros Internet Late Night With Uncle Fright
Uncle Geek Jim Mathews Television Shock Theater (WISN-TV)
Shock Theater Double Feature (WISN-TV)
Shock Theater Halloween Double Feature (WISN-TV)
Uncle Ghoulie Thom Lange Television Horror Incorporated (KSTC-TV)
Uncle Gory Eddie Driscoll Television Weird (WLBZ-TV)
Uncle Gregory Andrew McMurtrey Television Uncle Gregory Horror Horror
The New Uncle Gregory Horror Hour (KOZL Channel 27)
Uncle Larry C. Wii Internet Cryptique
Uncle Mike Michael Mesmer Movie Deadtime Stories
Uncle Munger Tim Choate Direct To Video CreepTales
Uncle Nevermore The Raven Joshua Russell Television The Magnificent Madame Mortem's Midway of Madness (Monmouth Cablevision)
Uncle Pete Pete Letkiewicz Internet The Dark Vault of Kung Fu (The Vortexx)
The Dark Vault of Public Domain (The Vortexx)
Uncle Roy Hoggins Matt Heinrichs Direct-to-DVD Stink-O-Rama (Direct-to-DVD)
Uncle Ted Edwin Lynn Raub Television Uncle Ted's Ghoul School (WNEP-TV)
Uncle Ted's Monstermania (WVIA-TV)
Uncle Vlad Marty Gear Television Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (HSTV)
Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (CSMTV)
Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (RTN)
Uncle Wolfman/Wolfman Jerry Ball Television Nightmare Cinema
Undead Johnny Chad Byers Television The World of the Weird Monster Show (Comcast Cable Chicago)
Unkle Spooky ? Television Mausoleum of the Macabre
Unkle Spooky ? Television Stay at Home Spook-O-Rama
Usher Kim Shafer Television Professor Griffin's Midnight Theatre
Professor Griffin's Midnight Shadow Show (Time Warner Cable)

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