Zaago Jacob Aaron Television Zaago's Midnight Hour Horror Extravaganza (The Monster Channel)
Zacherley Dave Herring Television Terror Theater
Zacherley John Zacherle Television Chiller Theater (WPIX-TV)
Disc-O-Teen (WNJU-TV)
Shock Theater (WABC-TV)
The Mighty Hercules (WPIX-TV)
The Three Stooges Show (WPIX-TV)
The Zacherley Show (WOR-TV)
Zacherley at Large (WABC-TV)
Z-TV (Cable)
Zack ? Television Shock Theater (Cable Channel 6)
Zelda Constance Caldwell (aka Constance McEwen) Television Off Beat Cinema
Zelda, The Vampiress Alice Montagnino Television Shock Theatre (WTVP-TV 17)
Zeke ? Television eXtempore Files
Zom B. Michael Stubblefield Internet Baron Von Ghoulstein's Movie Crypt (The Vortexx) (Youtube)
Zombarella Amy Woo Direct to DVD Zombarella's House Of Whorrors
Zombette Genevieve Brooks Televsion The Zombie Cheerleader Show
The Zombie Cheerleader's School of Horror
Zombie Tonya Tonya Lonardo Internet The Underground Lounge
Zombo Louis Nye Television The Zombo Show (The Munsters: Season 2, Episode 22)
Zomboo Frank Leto Television Frank's House of Horror Movies (KOLO-TV)
Zomboo's House of Horror Movies (KOLO-TV)
Zuckman Billy Van Television The Horror Hall of Fame

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