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"CBS Radio Mystery Theater" was a mystery anthology, with the occasional hint of the supernatural. It was advertised as "the fear you can hear." E.G. Marshall was very serious and somewhat disquieting. But Marshall grabbed our attention and held it though the breaks. It was not an easy task, considering the series was an hour long every night and competing with the eye candy of television. E.G. Marshall has been around a long time before and since the series, but for listeners of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater, it is almost impossible to see or hear him without reliving some of the chills he caused listening to his show.

When Marshall left, Tammy Grimes hosted the program. The series ran from 1974 until 30 December 1982. Himan Brown also hosted some of the shows for rebroadcast in 1998.

An example of an opening was:
(Sound effect: Squeaky door opens. Dramatic music plays beneath remarks.) "Come in. Welcome. I'm E.G. Marshall. Welcome to another hour where the great forces of the unknown, those majestic forces that move around above and beneath us, pushing and pulling at our lives, our bodies, our brains. Forces no less powerful because we know them not. And here's a thought: How much of the power actually derives from their mystery? Were we to fathom them, explode their secrets, would they then become as comprehensible as say, the centrifugal force in the spin drier at the laundry matt? Well, the day is far off when we can be that knowledgeable. In the meantime, listen..."

An example of an ending was:
(Creepy music plays underneath remarks.)
"A thousand miles, a thousand days, on her knees. What awful retribution we expect of ourselves. What endurance we can find within us to carry out our goal. And what is the priceless goal we seek? The goal that so obstinately eludes us, after thousands upon thousands of miles and as many days? Why, I think it is nothing more and nothing less than peace of mind. I'll be back shortly."

E.G. Marshall was born Everett Eugene Grunz on 18 June 1914 in Minnesota, USA.

With over 150 Film and television appearances to his credit, E. G. Marshall was arguably most well known as the imperturbable Juror number 4 in the Sidney Lumet legal drama 12 Angry Men (1957).

Some of his stand-out performances are in Creepshow (1982), National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989), and Nixon (1995).

Marshall married three times and had seven children. He passed away on 24 August 1998 in Bedford, New York, USA.

Tammy Lee Grimes was born on 30 January 1934 in Lynn, Massachusetts, USA and passed away on 30 October 2016 in Englewood, New Jersey, USA. She was an American actress and singer.

Grimes won two Tony Awards in her career, the first for originating the role of Molly Tobin in the musical "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" and the second for starring in a 1970 revival of "Private Lives" as Amanda Prynne.

She originated the role of Diana in the Broadway production of "California Suite". Grimes played the role of Elmire in the 1978 Broadway and television production of "Tartuffe". She originated roles in several works by Noel Coward, including Elvira in "High Spirits" and Lulu in "Look After Lulu!" In 1966, she starred in her own television series, "The Tammy Grimes Show". Grimes was also known for her cabaret acts. In 2003, she was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame.

Himan Brown was born on 21 July 1910 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA and passed away on 4 June 2010in New York City, New York, USA. He was a producer and writer, known for "Inner Sanctum" (1954), "That Night!" (1957) and "Inner Sanctum Mystery" (1941). He was married to Mildred Brown and later Shirley Goodman.

The following are some clips from the show:

CBS Radio Mystery Theater - episode from The Professor on Vimeo.


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