Donald F. Glut is a respected and well known writer, director, paleontologist and musician.

From an early age, Glut made his own movie shorts, including making his own models and special effects as well as introducing innovative techniques.

Glut was a fan of "Shock Theatre" and hosted by Terry Bennett as "Marvin" on

WBKB-TV, Channel 7 Chicago, Illinois. So taken by "Marvin", that sometime in the

late 1950's, Glut and some friends went to his home to meet him; with Bennett and the boys having their photograph taken together.

Glut took it one step further. He would host his own movies to his friends in his

own home; and would do so in the persona of "Marvin".

For more information on "Shock Theatre" hosted by "Marvin" use the below link:

During 1965 Glut filmed a segment for "Jeepers' Kreepers Theater" - "Jeepers' Creepers Car Chase". The segment was not used.

The storyline - Two spies see Jeepers' Keeper, who flees in his car; with the spies chasing him.

Traversing a mountain road, Jeepers' Keeper swerves, with the spies' car plunging off the cliff, exploding as in falls into the valley. Jeepers' Keeper survives the case, with the scene morphing into a commercial for cars.

Jeepers Creepers Theater - Donald F. Glut from The Professor on Vimeo.

For more information on "Jeepers Creepers' Theater" use the below link:

In 2006, Glut released "I Was a Teenage Movie Maker: Don Glut's Amateur Movies", which

has many movie clips from his early film making years.

2006 also saw the release of the documentary "American Scary", with Glut as one of the

writers / directors appearing.

Below is a promotional video for Glut's "Tales of Frankenstein":

Tales of Frankenstein by Donald F. Glut from The Professor on Vimeo.


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