"Dumpsterpiece Theatre" was a hosted horror movie show with John Roberts as "Junkyard John" presenting movies on KPAL-TV, Channel 38,

and Adelphia 16 Lancaster, California. The first season ran from May 1994 until May 1997. After a break of 3 years, the show returned for a second season on 9 March 2001 until 2003.

Assisting "Junkyard John" were the puppets "Alphonso T. Rat" and "Stu the Carrot," operated and performed by Dean Matherly and William Blair.

For several of the early shows in 1994, Michael Berryman (well known from "The Hills have Eyes) was also co-host.

From E-gors Chamber of TV Horror Host web page:
Dumpsterpiece Theatre is a witty, informative, irreverent, and downright unpredictable two-hour show! Every week from 1994-1997, and again from 2000-2003, it featured a different rarely-seen, very old, and usually quite bad B-movie, rare short films and cartoons. There are 4-5 host segments per episode, featuring funny skits, home-made movies, local and rare music, and sponsor endorsements... Each episode features a different theme and set designed by professional artists. Dumpsterpiece Theatre is not a new program. Both seasons were broadcast LIVE, every week, on KPAL-TV. Our Average Viewer Age is 13-99... We are very popular with teenagers of all ages! The show's cult following and general popularity was considerably boosted by the comical antics of Junkyard John's puppet co-hosts "Alphonso T. Rat" and "Stu the Carrot," operated and performed by Dean Matherly and William Blair. The first several episodes were also hosted by a good friend of the producers, actor Michael Berryman, an unforgettable character in films and TV shows like The Hills Have Eyes, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Weird Science, The X-Files and many more! John, Michael, and Dean, and Bill had a great time bringing bad films to a receptive audience.

The following is a few clips from "Dumpsterpeice Theatre":

Dumpsterpiece Theatre hosted by Junkyard John (clips) from The Professor on Vimeo.


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