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"eXtempore files" is a hosted horror/science fiction movie show with James (Jim) Smith as Juke Suha.

From Jim Smith:
Juke Suha and his eXtempore files.
Juke is of the absolute belief that he, whilst traveling amongst the stars, galaxy to galaxy, is receiving transmitted files from afar. He believes these relate to actual occurrences.

Radio and Television signals that have been sent from Earth since the very first broadcast are still bouncing around out there. He has made it his self appointed duty to recover, decipher and share this information to whomever can receive his broadcast.

He finds himself frequently having problems with his craft or external elements.

He has been contacted in the past by other hosts requesting space type help and then having problems when attempting to do all he can do.

Juke mainly provides space travel/science fiction related films, edits and then shares short films from the Earthly interwebs (silent films with rock scoring and funny sound drops).

juked: to fake out of position (as in football), juking: to juke someone.

Suha Suha or Soha is an Arabic female given name literal meaning is "a certain star of a constellation which is transparent, hidden or invisible, It is also called as a star came from heaven".

Other planned characters are:
Jake (brother) Earth bound at control room (not yet appeared, infancy planning stage)
Zeke (cousin) Planetary correspondent (very far future, not yet appeared)

The show premiered on 6 November 2021, and may be seen on "The Monster Channel".

Jim (James) Smith was born on 30 September 1957 in N. E. Illinois, U.S.A, and is a life long resident.

Jim is a Monster Kid from an early age and has always been intrigued with film making and photography techniques, but had never involved with, or had time for either; until much later in life.

Baseball, girls, and being the protocol son took up most of his teenage life.

After High School, or its equivalent, Jim worked many jobs in many trades lasting from 3 months to 3 years each until finding full time employment of his lifetime at AT&T Illinois.

43 years and 9 months later, Jim retired with many ideas. All his wordly projects have finally being caught up with, and performing now is a more familiar passion.

Portraits of "Juke Suha" by Dave Dunlap.

The following is a promo for the show:

"eXtempore files" promo from The Professor's Scary Clips on Vimeo.


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