"Fright Night Theatre" was a hosted horror movie show with Adam Keefe as the host, dressed like a vampire screening movies on Friday nights on WKBW-TV, Channel 7, Buffalo, New York between 1963 till 1969. Keefe was infamous for either showing a old Universal Movie or showing one of the many Mexican wrestlers versus monster movies. The character name is not known.

After the show ceased, WKBW-TV continued with a non-hosted horror movie show "Fright Night Late Show".

For more information on "Fright Night Late Show", use the below link:

Portrait of "Adam Keefe" by Dave Dunlap.

Keefe appeared in a number of movies and television programs, including the 1979 movie "Nocturna" along side of Yvonne De Carlo of "The Munsters" fame.

Born on 8 January 1931 in the Bronx, New York, sadly Keefe died on 10 November 1994 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Outside of the above photograph of Keefe in a newspaper advertisement, no other photographs or clips of the show have surfaced.


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