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Graveyard Theatre, out of Merriville, Indiana, featured Laslo, the Keeper of the Dead, Demonica, and Reinfield hosting horror movies from black and white classics to color duds. . The show first aired on Channel 56, the PBS station out of Merriville, Indiana in 1997 before station management canceled their run, so they took the show to TCI CABLE channel 16 out of Hammond, Indiana where they added a fourth cast member named Angelique.

From IMDB:
Late night horror show that featured old horror, sci-fi, and monster movies. Hosted by Laslo (Rick Thomas) as the Keeper of the Dead. Co-hosts Demonica (Rachel Foley) as the Demoness and Rinfield (Ron Hemphill) as the Wacky Neighbor. This program was broadcast out of Gary, Indina on channel 56, WYIN. Filmed in Hammond, Indiana, USA. Guest were often featured during breaks between movies. Most of the time the featured movie was the subject during these breaks. Occasionally the show was broadcast live. One other regular cast member on the show is Mildew the Rotting Corpse. A puppet that makes wisecracks at Laslo and crew. One segment of the show is called Mail Call where they respond to fan mail. Graveyard Theatre came on Saturday nights at 11pm.

In 2021, Rick Thomas advised on YoutUbe that Laslo of Graveyard Theatre will return in 2021, by going on broadcast television.

Portrait of "Laslo, Keeper of The Dead" by Bradley Beard.
"Laslo, Keeper of The Dead" - biography (taken from Bradley Beard's Facebook page)"
His favorite movie is Night of the Living Dead because it's finger licking good! Tonight I present Laslo, Keeper of the Dead, host of Graveyard Cinema on WYIN Channel 56 in Gary IN. The show began in October 1997 but it's unknown how long it aired. According to his website, "The character of Laslo is a diminutive, cloaked ghoul who was raised from the grave and forced to watch crumby Horror movies as a curse set upon him in life. As added punishment he must watch these bad movies in the company of other undeads who don't really like him too much." He was joined by Demonica, a vampire-demon with a bad attitude, and Rinfield, a wacky neighbor who wanders around in a drunken state of death. The wisecracking puppet Mildew the Rotting Corpse rounds out the cadaverous cast. But beware... when Laslo's fan mail is delivered, The Post Mortem Postman always rings twice.

The following are some clips from the show:

"Graveyard Theatre" - clips from The Professor's Scary Clips on Vimeo.


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