"Haunted Hollywood" was a syndicated package of public domain horror titles hosted by the off-screen voice of John Carradine which ran from 1986 until 1990.

From E-gors Chamber of TV Horror Hosts:
Carradine's opening narration, over an animated montage of familiar horror movie photos, lightning and Hollywood landscape: "They're coming - they're coming back - There's no escape. The horrors from Hollywood's past have returned. Forgotten skeletons from long-locked closets and dusty film vaults. Delightful tales of the macabre - unsettling visions - Ghost of Hollywood's past walk once again. It's not a dream... it's not a nightmare - It's Haunted Hollywood.

As John Carradine died on 27 November 1988, it is not known if Carradine had pre-recorded shows in advance, if he was replaced with another host, or the show ceased using a host.

The following are some clips from Haunted Hollywood:

Haunted Hollywood with announcer John Carradine from The Professor on Vimeo.

"Gallery of Horror" was a 1967 US hosted horror anthology movie, with John Carradine as the narrator.

John Carradine narrates five horror tales with macabre twists. A couple fixes a strange old clock. The Scotland Yard is after a serial killer. A murdered scientist seeks revenge. The last two stories focus on Frankenstein and Dracula.

The following a trailer from "Gallery of Horror":

"Gallery of Horror" trailer from The Professor on Vimeo.

From IMDB - John Carradine's biography:
John Carradine, the son of a reporter/artist and a surgeon, grew up in Poughkeepsie, New York. He attended Christ Church School and Graphic Art School, studying sculpture, and afterward roamed the South selling sketches. He made his acting debut in "Camille" in a New Orleans theatre in 1925. Arriving in Los Angeles in 1927, he worked in local theatre. He applied for a job as as scenic designer to Cecil B. DeMille, who rejected his designs but gave him voice work in several films. His on-screen debut was in Tol'able David (1930), billed as Peter Richmond. A protege and close friend of John Barrymore, Carradine was an extremely prolific film character actor while simultaneously maintaining a stage career in classic leading roles such as Hamlet and Malvolio. In his later years he was typed as a horror star, putting in appearances in many low- and ultra-low-budget horror films. He was a member of the group of actors often used by director John Ford that became known as "The John Ford Stock Company". John Carradine died at age 82 of natural causes.


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