"Horrible Night At The Movies" was a hosted horror movie show with Frank Kane as "Eddie Frame" presenting movies late night Fridays on WBXZ-TV Channel 4 Boston Massachusetts in the late 1980's - early 1990's. The show was also aired in Cleveland Ohio, and also syndicated on other stations.

From E-gor's Chamber of TV Horror Hosts:
Eddie Frame appears to be a stereotypical cleancut high school teenager from the 50s, despite his D.A. haircut and ever-present motorcycle. He wears a red and white high school letterman's jacket with "Eddie" on the front and the show title large on the back. Under the jacket he wears a white sweat shirt; the back, seen during one break when he works on his bike, reads "Tappa Kegga Spinal Fluid" (probably specific to the movie shown this time). Gray slacks and a pair of red and white vintage tennis shoes complete the outfit. His Harley is the love of his life -- next to bad movies. Eddie acts very much like an adolescent version of Commander USA, Jersey accent, mannerisms, gestures, and all, not surprising since Jim Hendricks, the Commander himself, put the words in Eddie's mouth and scripted his actions.


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