"Inner Sanctum Mysteries" was a radio horror anthology series that was aired on Blue Network from 7 January 1941 till 5 October 1952 in the USA. There was a total of 527 episodes in the series. There is less than 200 episodes that have survived.

After the success of the series, an Australian version of the show was aired in 1952, running for 50 episodes. In 1958 the Australian version was retitled as "The Creaking Door" and ran until 1959. In 1964 "The Creaking Door" opened once more, this time in South Africa.

Many well known and established actors were featured in the series, including Mason Adams, Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, Raymond Massy, Mercedes McCambridge, Agnus Moorehead, Santos Ortega, Simone Simon, and Richard Widmark.

The original show was hosted by Raymond Edward Johnson as "Raymond".

He was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin USA on 24 July 1911, and dies in Wallingford, Connecticut, USA on 15 August 2001. He commenced is working life as a bank teller. He studied acting at Goodman School of Drama in Chicago (USA); and began his radio career in the Chicago area. Radio shows that he worked on included "Welcome Valley" (1932-1937) as Bill Sutter, and "The National Farm and Home Hour" as the Forest Ranger.

In 1941, he was cast as "Raymond", host of "Inner Sanctum Mysteries". He continued as the host until 15 May 1945 when en enlisted in the USA army. After leaving the army, he was to host the radio show "Tales of Tomorrow" in 1953. He also was in television and radio series including "Big Sister", "The Guiding Light", "Brave Tomorrow", "Kate Hokins", "Angel of Mercy", "Valiant Lady", "Mr. District Attorney", "Calling All Cars", "Don Winslow of the Navy", "Mandrake the Magician", "Cavalcade of America", "Gangbusters", "Dimension X", "X Minus One", "Words at War", "Famous Jury Trials" and "Cloak and Dagger".

Berry Kroeger Paul McGrath

After Johnson left the series, Berry Kroeger stood in for four episodes, then with Paul McGrath taking over until the series ended in 1952.

Berry Kroeger was born in Alamo Heights, San Antonio, Texas, USA, and died in Los Angeles, California, USA on 4 January 1991. Kroeger performed on stage, radio (including Orson Welles's "Mystery Theatre of the Air"), movies and television; with his last appearance being in a television episode of "WKRP in Cincinnati".

Paul Owen McGrath was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA on 11 April 1904, and died in London, England, United Kingdom 13 April 1978. McGrath perfomed on radio, movies and television.

In 1954 McGrath would continue his connection with the series, by hosting a television version known as "Inner Sanctum".

A number of episodes of "Inner Sanctum Mysteries" were reedited and presented by Peter Lorre for Armed Forces Radio Service as part of "Mystery Playhouse".

Listen to some of the surviving episodes, though some are the re-edited version featuring the voice of Peter Lorre.

You will require Realtime Player to hear these episodes. Access your free download of Realtime Player here.

Dead Freight
18 May 1941
Death is a Joker
25 May 1941
The Tell-Tale Heart
3 August 1941
Island of Death
7 December 1941
The Man from Yesterday
21 December 1941
The Dead Walk at Night
20 September 1942
Beyond the Grave
19 December 1942
Death across the Board
5 June 1943
Birdsong for a Murderer
14 February 1944
Death Is a Joker
10 June 1944
The Voice on the Wire
29 November 1944
The Color Blind Formula
6 December 1944
Desert Death
9 January 1945
6 March 1945
The Lost Refrain
6 March 1945
The Bog Oak Necklace
10 April 1945
The Judas Clock
17 April 1945
Song of the Slasher
24 April 1945
The Girl and the Gallows
1 May 1945
The Black Art
15 May 1945
Dead to Rights
22 May 1945
Musical Score
29 May 1945
Death across the Board
5 June 1945
Portrait of Death
12 June 1945
Deadmans Holiday
19 June 1945
Dead Mans Debt
26 June 1945
Dead Mans Deal
28 August 1945
Terror by Night
18 September 1945
The Lonely Sleep
25 September 1945
The Shadow of Death
2 October 1945
Death by Scripture
9 October 1945
Till Death Do Us Part
16 October 1945
Corridor of Doom
23 October 1945
Elixer Number 4
30 October 1945
The Man Who Couldn't Die
30 October 1945
The Wailing Wall
6 November 1945
The Dark Chamber
11 December 1945
The Undead
18 December 1945
Skeleton Bay
5 February 1946
Death in the Limelight
12 February 1946
The Man Who Couldnt Die
12 February 1946
I Walk in the Night
26 February 1946
Strands of Death
12 March 1946
Death Is a Double-Crosser
26 March 1946
Make Ready My Grave
23 April 1946
You Could Die Laughing
7 May 1946
Detour to Terror
21 May 1946
Eight Steps to Murder
4 June 1946
Spectre of the Rose
19 August 1946
Murder Always Comes at Midnite
9 September 1946
Ghosts Always Get the Last Laugh
23 September 1946
The Dead Laugh
23 September 1946
No Rest for the Dead
25 November 1946
Birdsong for a Murderer
22 June 1947
Over My Dead Body
23 June 1947
Till Death Do Us Part
27 October 1947
Tempo in Blood
12 January 1948
Death Demon
5 July 1948
Murder Takes a Honeymoon
26 July 1948
Death of a Doll
18 October 1948
Cause of Death
6 December 1948
Murder Faces East
13 December 1948
Between Two Worlds
20 December 1948
Fearful Voyage
3 January 1949
Murder Comes to Life
10 January 1949
Mark My Grave
17 January 1949
The Deadly Dummy
24 January 1949
Devils Fortune
31 January 1949
Death Demon
7 February 1949
Birdsong for a Murderer
14 February 1949
Only the Dead Die Twice
21 March 1949
Appointment with Death
28 March 1949
The Death Deal
18 April 1949
Death Wears a Lonely Smile
4 May 1949
Corpse in a Cab
23 May 1949
Deadly Fare
18 July 1949
Mind over Matter
22 August 1949
No Rest for the Dead
24 August 1949
Death's Little Brother
29 August 1949
The Vengeful Corpse
12 September 1949
Catch a Killer
3 October 1949
The Devil's Workshop
10 October 1949
Image of Death
17 October 1949
A Corpse for Halloween
31 October 1949
Wish to Kill
14 November 1949
Beyond the Grave
19 December 1949
Skeleton Bay
30 January 1950
Murder Mansion
27 March 1950
Beneficiary Death
17 April 1950
Death for Sale
13 July 1950
Twice Dead
6 November 1950
Beyond the Grave
4 December 1950
The Unforgiving Corpse
28 May 1951
Birdsong for a Murderer
22 June 1952
Terror by Night
29 June 1952
Death for Sale
13 July 1952
The Listener
20 July 1952
Murder Prophet
27 July 1952
Murder off the Record
3 August 1952
Magic Tile
10 August 1952
No Rest for the Dead
24 August 1952
Strange Passenger
31 August 1952
Till Death Do Us Part
14 September 1952
The Dead Walk at Night
28 September 1952
Dead Pays the Freight
5 October 1952
The Judas Clock
17 April 1945


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