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"Night-Frights Classic Horror Movies with Evelle" was a weekly television show hosted by Evelle LeChat. Night-Frights shows classic vintage horror movies and occasionally some newer movies by Charles Band and other independent filmmakers.

The show began in 2007 and aired on cable television in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas for many years. When the parent television company was sold, the show was canceled. Night-Frights was then picked up by other horror networks where it continues to be shown seasonally near Halloween both in the US and the UK.

As soon as Night-Frights began airing on television, Evelle began traveling to horror conventions to promote the show and meet fans. Unlike other horror hosts, Evelle is not a "regular person" portraying a character. She does not wear crazy wigs, makeup or costumes.

Evelle truly is a macabre individual and she lives the horror-infused life of a vampire. Evelle's taste is extremely gothic and she has designed her own clothing and furnishings her entire life. Fans kept wanting to know where she acquired her clothes and decor so Evelle decided to hire people to reproduce her designs so she can share them with you. Evelle teamed up with a couture clothing designer to bring Vampire Attire to life and with many manufacturers to bring Ghoulish Goodies to fans.

Unbeknownst to Evelle, HorrorHound magazine and Dark Carnival filmmakers were conducting a nationwide search to find a Vampira look-alike following Maila Nurmi's death (1922-2008). HorrorHound had decided to pay tribute to Vampira and have a horror convention in her honor. Vampira was the first-ever horror host and the matriarch of the genre. Someone submitted a tape of Evelle to the producers and she was selected to be a semi-finalist to compete for the title of the New Vampira. The event was held in front of 8,000 contestants and Evelle took away the title. Following the competition, a resurrection ceremony took place with Evelle being "reborn" as Vampira. Evelle then became sought after as a Vampira look-alike at horror conventions across the country mimicking Vampira's famous blood-curdling scream and unusual walk. Evelle got to grace HorrorHound magazine and they even made a movie about it.

Portrait of "Evelle LeChat" by Dave Dunlap.

Portrait of "Evelle Lechat" by Bradley Beard.
"Evelle Lechat" - biography (taken from Bradley Beard's Facebook page)"
Just take one look and you won't have to wonder for long why she's referred to as "The Vixen of Vamp". Today I present Evelle Lechat, hostess of Night Frights on cable access in Conway, Arkansas. At the 2010 Horror Hound weekend in Indianapolis, Evelle won a national Vampira look-alike search contest. She is sexy, sultry, and quick with her witty banter; her horror hostess persona is both inviting and entertaining. Evelle is the embodiment of mystery; she has revealed herself through the eons, only leaving questions in her wake. She evokes an enigmatic worldly charm, at times it could possibly even be considered... otherworldly. She is a woman with exotic desires... she always enjoys her pizza with extra eyeballs. Even now people still wonder where she is and where they will see her next; maybe they will see her again tomorrow... or maybe not.

The following are some clips from the show:

Night-Frights Classic Horror Movies with Evelle from The Professor on Vimeo.


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