"Nightmare" was a horror anthology radio series that ran in the USA sometime in the 1940s or 1950s, with host John Norman.

The stories were very short, pobbibly less that three (3) minutes long.

From Radio Horror Hosts:
The Sample Intro:

(Hammond organ plays in background and emphasizes action.)

Narrator: "You hate her, don't you? You'd like to see her die, wouldn't you? Well come on then, don't be a milquetoast, kill her! You ought to be able to think of a way! Surely all the reading you've done, all those fine mystery stories ought to suggest something. The only trouble is that those people always got caught! They were bunglers though, you're not. You're smart. Just pick a method and eliminate all the mistakes..."

A Closing Narration:

Host: "This has been Nightmare, a bedtime story for folks who like to dream... violently. Be with us tomorrow for another tale of horror, mystery or suspense. A tale as short and terrifying as... (with echo effect:) a Nightmare!"

(Organ plays finale)

Announcer: "Nightmare is a John Norman Production."

Known episode titles are:
"Animal Army": A mad scientist plots to rule the world by creating giant animals, starting first with his lab rats.
"Boa Constrictor": A murderer plots to kill someone in the jungle, but meets his maker in an unexpected twist.
"Drown The Wife": A husband kills his rich wife and throws her overboard their yacht, but her body causes problems.
"Electrocute The Wife": A husband decides to electrocute his wife, but he may not be the only one with evil plans.
"Die To Music":" Unknown plot
"Chopped Up": Unknown plot

The following is an episode from the show - "Electrocute The Wife":
Click microphone to play the episode.


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