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A radio horror anthology series that was aired in around 1946-1947. There was an Australia as well as the USA verision. The cast and host have not been identifed as yet.

The stories were presented as true events, but would contain a supernatural element. Most stories would run for 12-14 minutes in length, though one story ran for 30 minutes.

There are two reported distributors, Grace Gibson for the US version (though one source does have her listed as Australian, and Charles Michelson, the Australian distributor.

A typical opening of the show would start with:
"Out of the Night comes the whispering voice of the night wind to tell another story of man's battle with fate. The amazing but true story tonight of an error that sent an innocent man to jail for seven years. Unbelievable, but true!"

Some of the episode titles include: Amazing Persecution of Doctor Dix
Dead End
Masterpiece of Detection
One Man War
The Archer Shee Case
The Case of the Missing Consul
The Indestructible Malloy
The Red-Headed Woman
When Justice was Blind
World's Greatest Art Hoax


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"Out of the Night"

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"Out of the Night"

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