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Ernest Chappel was the host and main character for "Quiet Please". The cast was usually just one or two other people. The sound effects were often sparse. The music was an organ and sometimes, apiano. Although the resources may seem meager when listed here, the results were stunning. Chappel would tell his tales in first person, usually in flashback. And what tales they were! The writer/ director was Wyllis Cooper, the same genius who created Lights Out years before and moved to Hollywood to try his hand as a film script writer. He left his old show to Arch Olober, who went on to become famous with the series while Cooper toiled away in obscurity writing screenplays. In 1947, he returned to his radio roots to produce Quiet Please (Dunning, 559). Chappel was the perfect choice for the weekly lead. There was nothing special about his voice. Although he had been a successful quiz show host on Are You A Genius?, he didn't exaggerate or project like many other actors of the time did. In fact, that's one of the noticeable differences about this series. Nobody sounds like they are acting at all, they just sound like regular people caught up in very unusual or terrifying situations. Cooper insisted on actors sounding natural, and along with his detailed dialog and surreal narratives, he proved what a remarkable medium radio could be on a small budget.

Ernest Chappel

From Wikipedia:
Ernest E. Chappell (June 10, 1903 - July 4, 1983) was an American radio announcer and actor, best remembered for his featured role in the late 1940s radio program Quiet, Please. The show ran from 1947 to 1949, and Quiet, Please was Chappell's major acting credit. His signature line was: "And so, until next week at this same time, I am quietly yours, Ernest Chappell."

In 2020, "Quiet Please" the podcast series was reborn. For more information on "Quite Place" the podcast series, use the below link:

Wyllis Cooper was the writer and producer for this radio series. He previoualy was the writer and producer for the radio show "Lights Out". For more information on "Lights Out" use the below link:

The following is an episode from the show:

"Quiet Please" - an episode from The Professor's Scary Clips on Vimeo.


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