"Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors" is a hosted horror movie show with Camela Hayslett as "Roxsy Tyler" and Johnnie Howard as "Johnnie 13", airing from 2010.

From IMDB by Camela Hayslett:
The Carnival of Horrors is a popular web series written and directed by Carmela Hayslett of Top Hat Terror Productions. Formally the show was produced by Potent Media. The show is horror and comedy themed which hosts films from classic black and white horrors to brand-new independent horrors and trailers. Roxsy Tyler is the boss lady of the haunted, broken-down carnival who rather watch horror movies with her carnies than actually do any work. During movie breaks, Roxsy Tyler and her co-hosts perform slapstick comedy routines relevant to the films they are hosting. The show premiered in 2010 and still currently puts out new episodes every once in a while under their new moniker, "Top Hat Terror Productions".

Below is the opening for the show:

"Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors" - opening from The Professor's Scary Clips on Vimeo.

Portrait of "Roxsy Tyler" by Dave Dunlap.

Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors: A Leech Named Bassant (2012)
From IMDB by Carmela Hayslett:
The first home DVD from the popular web-series brings you "A Leech Named Bassant". Roxsy Tyler and Johnnie 13 decide to do a good deed (for once) and have a blood drive. The blood drive is supposedly to help starving vampires in Somalia. As Roxsy and Johnnie continue on they host the classic horror film "Attack of the Giant Leeches" from 1959. During Roxsy and Johnnie's charitable efforts they notice a health inspector snooping around the carnival grounds. Roxsy Tyler suspects the health inspector might know she really isn't having a blood drive but finding random people to feed to her new pet giant leech.

2014 saw Roxsy in a short film - "Roxsy & Me".

From IMDB: "In order to pursue a serious career in acting, Carmela Hayslett hangs up her top hat and retires her popular horror hosting personality, Roxsy Tyler. The problem is... she's the only one who's moved on. Her former co-hosts live to badger her and the fan base she left behind refuses to support her movie career. Meanwhile, locked in a little box somewhere in Hayslett's psyche, Roxsy Tyler is alive, well, and ready repossess the actress's body!"

The following is a promo for "Roxy and Me":

Roxsy and Me (trailer).mp4 from The Professor on Vimeo.

Roxsy Tyler's House of Horrors
From IMDB:
In what started out as a documentary about Horror Hosting Programs quickly becomes an episodic SHOCKumentary about two narcissistic personalities who have no problem with the world watching their daily grind of murder and mayhem. See exactly what happens when Roxsy Tyler and Count Chuckula leave the Carnival of Horrors and go home to the House of Horrors.

Portrait of "Roxsy Tyler" by Bradley Beard.
"Roxsy Tyler" - biography (taken from Bradley Beard's Facebook page)"
When the daylight dims and the shadows take their places in the dark recesses of your mind, it's time for her dark carnival to begin. Today I present Roxsy Tyler, hostess of Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors, which can be seen on the internet via Vimeo. Roxsy and her carnies offer up their amusements on the cutting edge... and they're not afraid to draw blood. In addition to hosting public domain horror classics, Carnival also features Independent short films to help promote fledgling filmmakers. Roxsy is the ringmaster in this cavalcade of the macabre; she leads her cohorts through a series of mind-bending skits that will leave your perception as distorted as fun house mirrors. Carmela Hayslett, Roxsy's alter ego, has chosen to move on to pursue her acting career; you can bet that Roxsy isn’t having any part of that; her carnival will never close...


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