"Saturday Night Fright" was a hosted horror movie show with "Joe Fright" presenting movies on Saturday nights at midnight till 2:00am on Time-Warner Cable Akron, Ohio Position 23 in 2004. The name of the actor who played "Joe Fright", nor the exact dates
the show ran.

From the Saturday Night Fright Website:
MOVIES - MONSTERS - MADNESS. Making Saturday night fun again. Over 200 movies. Interviews with classic actors, actresses and special effects wizards. See Joe Fright go insane weekly - crazy cartoons, exploding food, flying pumpkins, on-the-street interviews, demented drama, pizza giveaways, T-shirt giveaways, letters from disgruntled viewers. Win dinner with Joe Fright. Sidekick: Clark the rubber chicken.

The show was brought in part by Creepy Classics Video.

There are no known clips of the show or host.


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