"The Son of Ghoul Show" was a hosted horror movie show with Keven Scarpino as "Son of Ghoul" presenting movies on Saturdays at 11:30 pm on WOAC-TV Channel 67 Canton-Akron, Ohio from 1986 until November 1995; then Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 till10:00 pm. on CAT (Cleveland/Akron Television) Network channels WAX-TV, Channel 35 Cleveland, WAOH-TV, Channel 29 Akron and C-band from around 1995; expanding through to WIVM channel 39 Canton/Massillon, Wooster, Ohio on MCTV channel 128 and WIVN channel 29 New Philadelphia/Coshocton, Ohio; Spectrum Cable channel 989, Massillon Cable on channel 128, Tuscarawas, Holmes and Carroll County on channel 15, Newcomerstown area on channel 96.

From Wikipedia:
Scarpino's original inspiration came from Ernie Anderson's popular 1960s host character Ghoulardi. At a 1982 look-alike contest sponsored by Anderson's successor, The Ghoul (played by Ron Sweed), Scarpino won first prize and was given the title, "Son of Ghoul" by Sweed himself. Shortly thereafter, he began working at WOAC in Canton, Ohio, where he became familiar with The Cool Ghoul, another Ghoulardi-inspired television host played by George Cavender. Scarpino was hired as a technician on Cavender's show, "Thriller Theater", and was later given small parts in sketches.

Cavender departed WOAC and Thriller Theater in 1986, and Scarpino auditioned along with others to become the show's next host. He got the job, and later renamed it The Son of Ghoul Show. In 1995, WOAC was sold and switched to a home-shopping format, and Scarpino moved the show to the relatively new WAOH-LP, where the show is currently based.

As of March 2019, the show started airing on Canton's WIVM TV-39 & WIVX TV-13 and WIVN TV-29 in Newcomerstown. Via WIVM, it is carried on Spectrum Cable channel 989 in the Stark county area and channel 15 in Tuscarawas, Holmes & Carroll counties in Ohio. MCTV Massillon Wooster Cable carry WIVM as well on channel 128. The Son of Ghoul can be streamed via the Internet through the Livestream website and selecting the WIVM Live Stream. The Son of Ghoul Show is broadcast Saturday and Sunday from 8PM to 10PM Eastern Time.

Scarpino's long-time sidekick was Ron "Fidge" Huffman, known for having dwarfism. Huffman died in 2003, and his place was taken by "Jungle Bob"

Portrait of "Son of Ghoul" by Dave Dunlap.

Portrait of "Son of Ghoul" by Bradley Beard.
"Son of Ghoul" - biography (taken from Bradley Beard's Facebook page)
He was born to be a horror host. Tonight I present Son of Ghoul, host of the Son of Ghoul Show on W16DO-D in Cleveland, OH and WAOH-TV Channel 29 in Akron, OH. Son of Ghoul was brought to life by Kevin Scarpino. At 7 years of age, Scarpino became inspired by Cleveland horror hosting legend Ghoulardi. In 1982, he won first place in a Ghoul look-a-like contest and was named Son of Ghoul by The Ghoul himself. Scarpino worked at as a technician on "Thriller Theater" hosted by George Cavendar AKA The Cool Ghoul. When Cavendar left WOAC-TV, Scarpino auditioned and won the position as Cavendar's replacement. Scarpino was then signed to a 13 show contract which he thought wouldn't extend beyond that. He's been on the air for 29 consecutive years now, fulfilling his lifelong passion and elevating him to legendary status. "Bolt your windows and lock your doors! The Son of Ghoul is coming for you!!!"

In 2014, Keven Scarpino - "Son of Ghoul" for "Son of Ghoul Show", was inducted into "The Official Horror Host Hall of Fame".

Portrait of "Fidge" by Bradley Beard.
"Fidge" - biography (taken from Bradley Beard's Facebook page)
The one, the only... Fidge. Tonight I present Fidge, sidekick to Son of Ghoul, host of Son of Ghoul Show. Fidge first met Son of Ghoul after having been invited to a show taping; Son of Ghoul used Fidge in a comedy bit that same night. Fidge returned to the studio week after week and eventually became a regular on the show. Fidge's natural naiveté combined with Son of Ghoul's incredible comedic timing gave viewers one of the greatest horror host comedy teams of all time; Son of Ghoul playing straight man to Fidge's antics. Tragically, Fidge passed away in 2003, taken from us far too soon. It's unnecessary to discuss the events surrounding his death here, this tribute is to honor his life and to acknowledge the gifts of joy and laughter he selflessly gave to everyone. Fidge was loved by all who knew and watched him.

The following is a season opening from the show:

"The Son of Ghoul Show" - opening from The Professor's Scary Clips on Vimeo.


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