"Stan the Mechanic" (John A Hernandez) is an internet horror host haunting the airwaves of HereTV!, Amazon Prime, Vimeo, Roku and YouTube; from October 2020.

From Stan's web page:
Being the one and only Satanic Mechanic, Stan has been commissioned by the Devil himself to perpetuate all types of mayhem against humanity by manipulating their automobiles. So the next time you are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, have a blowout or are trapped on a bus with no air conditioning in August- you will know who to blame. He is not all bad though. During his downtime he likes nothing more than to kick back at his workshop in Brooklyn and watch horror movies.

From IMDB:
John A Hernandez
John Hernandez is an actor, writer and comedian born and raised in New York City. An avid horror fan, John got his start by creating, writing and starring in "Stan the Mechanic", which premiered on the LGBT network HereTV in October of 2020.

It is a horror hosting show where John is able to bring his unique perspective, humor and knowledge to the films he showcases on the show. Stan himself is the lovable 'satanic mechanic' who operates his workshop for the supernatural community in Brooklyn with the help of his (dis)loyal assistants Brad (Mason Kelso) and Janet (Summer Moran).

John is also a writer whose work has been featured in the digital publications Bear World Magazine and Queer Forty.

The following is a trailer for the show:


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