"Stink-O-Rama" is a hosted horror and comedy talk-show with Matt Heinrichs as "Uncle Roy Hoggins" presenting the show direct to DVD from 5 October 2004;

showing crazy film clips. The show is made in Missouri; with Matt Heinrichs producing a few shows.

Other characters include (from Horror Host.Com):
Roy's sidekick on the show is "Dobbs The Wee", a dwarf whom Roy won in a poker game in about '79... Dobbs is actually more of a nemesis/pain in Roy's ass than he is a sidekick.

Occasionally Roy's homosexual cajun brother Luscious Hoggins stops by, or phones in to cause havoc. And other characters will be stopping by over the next few episodes...including Damron Hoggins, the youngest Hoggins brother... The Great Stromboli and his puppet Eduardo...and many others.

As at 2020, it is likely that the show is not currently in production.

Portrait of "Uncle Roy Hoggins" by Bradley Beard.
"Uncle Roy Hoggins" - biography (taken from Bradley Beard's Facebook page)"
You might just find his picture in the dictionary under politically incorrect ... he probably pasted it there himself and it's wise not to ask what he used for glue. By popular demand and numerous requests, I present Uncle Roy Hoggins, host of Stink-O-Rama which debuted in October 2005. Uncle Roy's early life was spent on the road with numerous sideshows and carnivals. Some folks speculate that Uncle Roy has fathered as many as 120 children, give or take a few. Uncle Roy is joined by Dobbs the Wee, a dwarf who Roy won in a poker game back in '79. The show is a heaping helping of twisted black humor that is sure to leave you laughing or offended, needless to say it's not for children. Uncle Roy has been known to host a horror movie or two but the show mainly features clips of a sick and bizarre nature. His show's on hiatus but lately Uncle Roy's been doing a lot of scratching... and thinking about a possible return.

The following are some clips from the show:

Stink-O-Rama hosted by Uncle Roy Hoggins (clips) from The Professor on Vimeo.


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