Rich Koz is "Svengoolie", a horror host who has been entertaining audiences from 1978 as "Son of Svengoolie" and later in 1995 as "Svengoolie". Koz has hosted many television shows as Svengoolie or as himself; and appeared in many television shows and movie & video shorts. From 1970 until 1973, Jerry G. Bishop was "Svengoolie" on "Screaming Yellow Theater".

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Son of Svengoolie (1978-1986)

"Son of Svengoolie" was a hosted horror movie show with Rich Koz as "Son of Svengoolie" from 1978 until 1986; originally aired on WFLD 32 in the Chicago area.

Below is a promo for "Son of Svengoolie:

"Son of Svengoolie" promo from 1983 from The Professor's Scary Clips on Vimeo.

Svengoolie (1995->)
"Svengoolie" is a hosted horror show with Rich Koz as "Svengoolie", hosting horror and science fiction movies since 1995. Besides introducing each movie, "Svengoolie" also performs skits and jokes during breaks. "Svengoolie" is assisted by "Gwengoolie" "Imp" and "Nostalgiaferatoo".

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"Svengoolie" promo 2023 from The Professor's Scary Clips on Vimeo.

Munsterthon (1995)
Rich Koz as "Svengoolie" and Morton Downey Jr host the "The Munsters" between 9:00 am. until 6:00 pm on WCIU-TV Channel 26 Chicago, Illinois on 1 January 1995. The duo of "Svengoolie" and Downey presented and screened 18 shows, 9 hours of the 1964 "The Munsters"; which starred Fred Gwynne, Al Lewis and Yvonne De Carlo.

"Munsterthon" - Clips from The Professor's Scary Clips on Vimeo.

From IMDB:
Talk-show host and songwriter ("Because We're Young", "Hearts Are Wild"), composer, author, actor and singer, educated at New York University (BS) and a two-year Law School student. He was a program director and announcer at WPOP in Hartford, Connecticut, and later made several records under his birth name. Joining ASCAP in 1960, his other popular-song compositions include "Now I Lay Me Down to Cry", "Ballad of Billy Brown", "Flattery", and "Don't Mention My Name".

However, it would not be until the late 1980's when Morton Downey, Jr. truly became a household name. "The Morton Downey, Jr. Show" was launched in syndication in 1987, carried by many independent television stations. The show generated such controversy that many stations aired numerous disclaimers before and after the show. The controversy arose from debates between guests that often turned physical (as a broadcast at the Apollo theater later proved). The show created a legion of fans and made Downeyisms like "Zip it!" and "Loudmouth" a part of 80's American pop culture.

Downey's popularity began to wane in 1989, after he appeared on his show in dark glasses and cropped hair, due to what he claimed to be an attack by Nazi Skinheads in San Francisco. No evidence was found by police to substantiate the claim, and in 1992, Downey admitted the attack was a hoax. His show was canceled later that year.<

Downey finally quit his trademark chain-smoking in 1996 when he was diagnosed with lung cancer, eventually leading to the removal of his left lung. The disease finally killed him in March of 2001 at the age of 67.

Stooge-A-Palooza (2003)
"Stooge-A-Palooza" was a hosted show with host Rich Koz presenting "The Three Stooges" short movies on Saturdays between 7:00pm till 9:00 pm on WCIU-TV Channel 26 Chicago, Illinois from 26 April 2003 also aired on sister stations WMLW, WWME, and WAAT.

Below is a clip from the "Stooge-A-Palooza".

"Stooge-A-Palooza" - Clip from The Professor's Scary Clips on Vimeo.

The Koz Zone (1989 - 1993)
"The Koz Zone" - Chicago comedian Rich Koz (later of "Svengoolie") hosts a series of sketches in between cartoons.

Below are some clips from ":The Koz Zone".

"The Koz Zone" - Clips from The Professor's Scary Clips on Vimeo.

Portraits of "Gwengoolie" "Imp" and "Nostalgiaferatoo" by Dave Dunlap.

Posters of movies screened on "Svengoolie" by Dave Dunlap.

From Wikipedia:
Svengoolie: the title character and host of the show, who introduces the film, tells jokes and relates trivia about the movie. The character was originally portrayed by former WCFL personality Jerry G. Bishop on "Screaming Yellow Theater", who held the role from 1970 to 1973. When the show returned in 1979, Rich Koz took on the role of "Son of Svengoolie", which he portrayed until the show's cancellation in 1986. When Koz was preparing to revive the show at the end of 1994, Bishop told hm he was "all grown up" and could drop the "Son of" portion from his character name. Koz has been playing "Svengoolie" ever since.

Doug Graves: Svengoolie's accompanist, shown frequently at the piano or keyboard, though equally adept at the trumpet; Graves is played by professional musician and Svengoolie crew member Doug Scharf.

Zallman T. Tombstone: (voiced by Rich Koz) a smart-mouthed, disembodied skull that often acts as a foil for Svengoolie during comedy skits, with a voice based on Bill Saluga's Ray J. Johnson Jr. character.

Kerwyn: (voiced by Rich Koz) a smart-aleck rubber chicken puppet who helps Svengoolie review viewer mail and photos.

Zelda: (voiced by Jerry G. Bishop) a smart-mouthed, disembodied skull (much like her successor, Tombstone) with a voice modeled after Flip Wilson's Geraldine Jones character.

Anita X. Orcist: saxophone player, appearing infrequently; portrayed by Natalie Scharf, Doug's daughter.

Durwood the Dummy: (voiced by Jerry G. Bishop (1970-1973), Rich Koz (1979-present)) a wooden ventriloquist's dummy featured on the original series (1970–73), later carried over to the Son of Svengoolie series and retained from then on, though featured infrequently in recent years.

Boddy Sorrell: (voiced by Rich Koz) the face on Svengoolie's coffin lid. His name is a pun on The Dick Van Dyke Show character Buddy Sorrell, played on that show by Morey Amsterdam. His voice is modeled after Amsterdam's.

Gwengoolie: Played by Sarah M. Palmer, aka Pinup Palmer. A character added to the cast after the "Spawn of Svengoolie" talent search and member of the "Sven Squad". Making her first on-air appearance towards the end of the September 23, 2023, episode of "The Return of the Vampire".

Ignatius Malvolio Prankenstein (IMP): A character added to the cast after the "Spawn of Svengoolie" talent search and member of the "Sven Squad", played by Scott Gryder. Making his first on-air appearance towards the end of the September 30, 2023, episode of "Trilogy of Terror".

Nostalgiaferatoo: Played by Bill Leff, host of MeTV's Toon In with Me. A character based on the vampire Nosferatu, with a comical twist, which began making appearances on Svengoolie, April 8, 2023, during the "Spawn of Svengoolie" talent search and is now recognized as one part of the "Sven Squad". His first television appearance was on the MeTV morning cartoon show Toon In with Me, October 13, 2022, on the episode titled "NOStolgiaFERATOO", as an "Ultra-Creepy Nostalgia Consultant". A survey sent out by MeTV asked viewers what they'd like to see more of; overwhelmingly they wanted to see more "Nostalgia" and "Scary, Eerie & Spooky Elements". Thus, Nostalgiaferatoo was created.

Known by many names, such as "Lord of the Undead", "Master of the Hideous", "Master of the Macabre", "Denizen of Death", "Sorcerer of Sadness", "Humblest of Braggers", "Lugger of Lunacy", "Giver of Ghoulishness", "Friend of Sven", "Destroyer of Hopes", "Destroyer of Dreams", "Bearer of Bad News", "Prince of Midnight", "Keeper of the Golden Secret", "Ambassador of the Wretched", "Defender of the Deranged", "Oracle of the Undead", "Grand-master of the Grotesque", "Psychopaths Favorite Psychopath", "Zealot of the Zombies", and to a scant few "Gerald" (which is his middle name).

He claims to be treasurer for the Harry Connick, Jr. Fan Club, long-time bass player for Sixpence None the Richer, long time roadie for Air Supply, two-time contestant on Let's Make A Deal, and Willie Nelson's personal tax attorney. He is sometimes a real estate agent ("as a side-hustle") and also an electrician. He was once a plastic surgeon for cats and is also a cat whisperer. He is also a giant monster handler for Hollywood. He occasionally resides in a time-share in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Many other incidental characters throughout the show's run have been voiced by Rich Koz and - during his tenure - Jerry G. Bishop, as well as WFLD staff announcer Jim Barton (during the "Son of" years).

Portrait of "Svengoolie" by Bradley Beard.
"Svengoolie" - biography (taken from Bradley Beard's Facebook page)
He's America's favorite horror host. Tonight I present Svengoolie, host of Svengoolie, which can be seen throughout the United States on METV Saturday nights at 10pm. Svengoolie is portrayed by Rich Koz, who began his career as "Son of Svengoolie" in June 1979 with the blessings Jerry G. Bishop, the original Svengoolie. The show ran until January 1986. It began airing again in January 1995 on WCIU-TV Channel 26 in Chicago, IL under the name "Svengoolie" after Jerry G. Bishop advised Koz to drop the "Son of" because he was all grown up now. The show features a great selection of classic horror films including the Universal Horror library. Koz performs comedy skits, commercial parodies, as well as viewer mail where he features letters and artwork from his legion of adoring fans. Svengoolie has won 7 regional Emmys and has gotten Koz inducted into the Television Academy's Silver Circle.

Svengoolie is my current horror host . After the completion of my yearlong horror art tribute today, my plans for tonight are to pass out Halloween candy and then watch Svengoolie host the 1931 Universal Horror classic Frankenstein, the first horror movie I ever saw. I offer a sincere thank you to Rich "Svengoolie" Koz for bringing my lifelong fascination with the horror genre full circle.

Portrait of "Son of Svengoolie" by Bradley Beard.
"Son of Svengoolie" - biography (taken from Bradley Beard's Facebook page)
He was born to be America's favorite horror host. Tonight I present Rich Koz as Son of Svengoolie. Rich got his start after sending the original Svengoolie, Jerry G. Bishop, material for his horror hosted TV show on WFLD-TV in Chicago, IL. He was invited to join Bishop's staff until the show was cancelled in 1973. In June 1979, Koz began as his horror hosting debut as Son of Svengoolie with Bishop's blessings; the show ran until 1986. In 1995, Koz returned to the airwaves as Svengoolie after Bishop told him he could drop the “Son of” because he was “all grown up now”. Svengoolie is now a regular on the MeTV Saturday night line-up and the favorite horror host of millions.

In 2013, Rich Koz - "Svengoolie" for "Son of Svengoolie", was inducted into "The Official Horror Host Hall of Fame".

Rich Koz's "Svengoolie" won the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for "Favourite Horror Host" in:
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012,
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,
2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.

as well as Top Live Event in 2019.

Portrait of "Kerwyn" by Bradley Beard.
"Kerwyn" - biography (taken from Bradley Beard's Facebook page)
He's a prehistoric rubber chicken. Tonight I present Kerwyn, mail segment sidekick to Svengoolie. Kerwyn had been unemployed for eons until he met Sven. He applied for a position as one of Sven's rubber chickens and eventually got the job. Sven realized rather quickly, however, that a rubber chicken of Kerwyn's advanced years couldn't endure the workout regimen that his other chickens get weekly so he promoted Kerwyn to assist with the mail and email. Kerwyn loves his job so much that his only future plan is to continue to insult Sven until he completely fossilizes. Kerwyn can be seen every Saturday night at 10:00pm on METV and can also be found hosting a viewer submitted "Joke of the Week" at At the end of every show, Kerwyn always leaves me wondering... "Why DID the prehistoric rubber chicken cross the road?"


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Facebook: Bradley Beard - Horror Host Artist
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