"The Underground Lounge" was a hosted horror show, with the hosts interviewing independent horror genre filmmakers, and show clips from their movies. Their motto was "Showcasing the very best of independent horror films and more".

The show commenced in 2008, with hosts Jeania M. Ingle as "eXtremely DeadJeania" and Shade Burnett as "Deadly Nightshade" (leaving the show around 2010); with Tonya Lonardo as "Zombie Tonya" joining the show around 2010.

Jeania M. Ingle
eXtremely DeadJeania
Shade Burnett
Deadly Nightshade
Tonya Lonardo
Zombie Tonya

Portrait of "eXtremely DeadJeania" by Bradley Beard.
"eXtremely DeadJeania" - biography (taken from Bradley Beard's Facebook page)"
Turn on, tune in, drop dead; she's a zombie from another age. Today I present eXtremely DeadJeania, hostess of The Underground Lounge, which can be seen on the internet via Vimeo. eXtremely DeadJeania may be extremely dead but she is a lady who lives death to the fullest. She loves just chilling out in the lounge and she digs when things get scary… she digs it all. With her groovy clothes and her far out looks, eXtremely's style is outtasight, man. She loves to follow the Grateful Dead, a true Deadhead until the end; she still has lunch with Jerry Garcia from time to time. Whenever there is a zombie walk, DeadJeania always joins in and usually leads the procession. She is all about peace, love, and happiness, so don’t be bummer and bring her down, or she might just bring you down… six feet underground. Maybe we'll see you above ground tomorrow...

Portrait of "Deadly Nightshade" by Bradley Beard.
"Deadly Nightshade" - biography (taken from Bradley Beard's Facebook page)"
She's not afraid to embrace her inner zombie. Today I present Deadly Nightshade, hostess of the Underground Lounge, which can be seen on the internet via Vimeo. The plant whose name she bears may be deadly but she's far much worse. Nightshade is right at home being a horror host, in fact the Underground Lounge reminds her of the graveyard in which she was buried. Being a zombie horror host has made Shade much worldlier; she has devoured people from all over the globe. She truly loves being a zombie; the excitement of the night life is exhilarating and the people are so delicious. If you ever see Shade out in public, don't be afraid to introduce yourself because she's always dying to eat someone new. Deadly Nightshade might be named after a plant but she's no vegetarian. Be eating you tomorrow...

Portrait of "Zombie Tonya" by Bradley Beard.
"Zombie Tonya" - biography (taken from Bradley Beard's Facebook page)"
She's one dead hot mama! Tonight I present Zombie Tonya, co-hostess and shooter girl for The Underground Lounge. She's the hardest working girl in the lounge, she hardly ever gets a break. She serves up the deadliest of potions... so go ahead and name your poison. Her specialties are the Zombie Slime and Bloody Brain shooters. And what's Tonya's drink of choice? Why a Morgue-A-Rita, of course. Tonya is joined by the grooviest ghoulette in the graveyard, none other than eXtremely DeadJeania. In her off-time, Tonya enjoys playing poker with DeadJeania though her skills are somewhat lacking, even with a full house or four of a kind, she always relies on her pair. Make no mistake about it, Zombie Tonya isn't your average walking dead girl, she's the hottest little number on the cemetery plot.

The following are some clips from the show:

The Underground Lounge (clips) from The Professor on Vimeo.


Facebook: Bradley Beard - Horror Host Artist
"eXtremely DeadJeania"

Facebook: Bradley Beard - Horror Host Artist
"Deadly Nightshade"

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"The Underground Lounge"

"The Underground Lounge"

Facebook: Bradley Beard - Horror Host Artist
"Zombie Tonya"

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"Jeania M. Ingle"

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"Shade Burnett"

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"Tonya Lonardo"

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