"The Unknown" was a hosted horror movie show with Sterling Brewer presenting movies on Saturdays at 4 pm on WAPI-TV, Channel 13 Birmingham, Alabama during the Fall of 1958 till the Fall of 1960. It is not known if the host had a character name.

From Egor's Chamber of TV Horror Hosts:
"The costume was a robe with a hood which covered all but the nose and mouth, and the lighting was a candle on a table which caused the shadows to run upward, the effect was very chilling. The show would start with creepy music, wind, thunder and lightning as the camera shot faded to the 'Host' room. There seated behind a table the host would explain how today's show was the scariest they had shown and how we had better be ready as we were getting ready to enter the Unknown".

There are no known photographs or clips from the show.


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"The Unknown"

E-gors Chamber of TV Horror Hosts
"Sterling Brewer"

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"Sterling Brewer"

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