"Journey to the Unknown" was a non-hosted UK fantasy, horror and science fiction anthology television series, produced by Hammer Film Productions and 20th Century Fox Television. It aired on ABC from 26 September 1968, to 30 January 1969. The series aired in the UK on the ITV network during 1969.

The series has a fantasy, science fiction, supernatural and horror themes and deals with normal people whose everyday situations somehow become extraordinary. It featured both UK and US actors. Seventeen episodes were produced. Directors of the episodes included Roy Ward Baker, Alan Gibson, Robert Stevens, Don Chaffey and Michael Lindsay-Hogg. Each episode was executive-produced either by Joan Harrison or Norman Lloyd.

In the US, eight episodes from the series were broadcast as four made-for-television movies consisting of twinned episodes along with new segment introduction footage provided by actors Patrick McGoohan, Sebastian Cabot and Joan Crawford serving as hosts.

"Journey into Darkness" (1968) - "The New People" / "Paper Dolls": Patrick McGoohan
"Journey to Midnight" (1968) - "Poor Butterfly" / "The Indian Spirit Guide": Sebastian Cabot
"Journey to Murder" (1971) - "Do Me a Favor and Kill Me" / "The Killing Bottle": Joan Crawford
"Journey to the Unknown" (1969) - "Matakitas is Coming" / "The Last Visitor": Joan Crawford

The following is the opening for the series:

"Journey to the Unknown" introduction from The Professor on Vimeo.


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"Journey to the Unknown"

"Journey to the Unknown"

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