"Theatre Macabre" was a hosted horror anthology series with host Christopher Lee. The series ran between 1970 - 1971, with 26 twenty-five minute shows.

"Theatre Macabre" was originally produced by Film Polski in the tradition of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and "Boris Karloff's Thriller". Lee delivers the introduction and conclusion for each half-hour at his imposing and often cheeky best, while the tales themselves - adapted from stories by Poe, Dostoevsky, Ambrose Bierce, Robert Louis Stevenson and Oscar Wilde - are written and/or directed by filmmakers that include Andrzej Zulawski and Academy Award winner Andrzej Wajda. Dubbed into English and featuring 'additional dialogue' by Jesse Lasky Jr.

A Matter Of Conscience
A Song of Triumphant Love by Ivan Sturgenev
A Swashbuckler
A Terribly Strange Bed
Decameron No 40
Lord Savill's Crime by Oscar Wilde
Markheim by R L Stevenson
Mate Flacone
The Actress
The Barrel Organ
The Boarded Window
The Canterbury Ghost by Oscar Wilde
The Cask of Montillado by Edgar Allan Poe
The Fatalist
The First Love
The Husband Under The Bed
The Man Who Corrupted Hadleburg by Mark Twain
The Nose
The Postmaster
The Rajar's Diamond by R.L Stevenson
The Resurrection of Oftland
The System Of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether by Edgar Allan Poe
The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe
The Torture Of Hope
The Vampire.

Christopher Frank Carandini Lee was born on 27 May 1922 in Belgravia, London, England, United Kingdom.

Lee is one of the most well known actors in the genres of Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction, appearing in or as a voice actor in such movies and television series as "Star Wars" (franchise), "Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbit" (franchise), "The Tomorrow People", and "The Curse of Frankenstein".

Sadly, Lee passed away on 7 June 2015 in Chelsea, London, England, United Kingdom.

The following is a promotional video for the upcoming

Blu-ray release of "The EuroCrypt Of Christopher Lee",
that contains 24 of the remaining episodes from "Theatre Macabre".
It is due out on 25 May 2021.

The EuroCrypt of Christopher Lee (promo) from The Professor on Vimeo.


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