The Professor's origins stem back to 2012, when Paul entered a short movie
"Col Briscoe Adventurer, Chapter 9 the Giant Lizards of Connine Island" in the
"Con 9 from Outer Space" short movie competition.

The story is based on Col Briscoe who is an adventurer that finds treasures,
fights the bad guys and of course rescues the beautiful girl.
In this adventure, Col and the Professor are on Connine Island.
When we join our heroes, they have just escaped from Chinese warrior statues,
to find themselves being chased by dinosaurs.
The story ends with our heroes in a fire-fight with a large predator.

The movie was to win second place.

2015, and Paul has an idea - "let's make an internet show that
shows old horror movies - like they used to do!"

Discussing the idea with Denise, the green light was given,
the cast and crew were assembled, and 15 episodes
were shot over one weekend in September.

Each week from 31 October, one episode was uploaded to the internet.
Originally through Youtube, and then later to Vimeo.

Paul Kennedy also started a new hosted horror movie show in 2019 - Count Creepovic.
For further information on Count Creepovic click on the Count's image below.

Portrait of "The Professor" by Bradley Beard.
"The Professor" - biography (taken from Bradley Beard's Facebook page)"
You can never unlearn the horrific knowledge he'll teach you.
Tonight I present The Professor, host of The Professor's Scary Movie Show which began on
Halloween of 2015. His show began on YouTube then moved to Vimeo and was also shown on The Vortexx.
The Professor has studied extensively and applied his knowledge to seek out all things spooky.
He holds a Bachelors of Horrorology from the Van Dieman's Land University,
a Bachelors of Horror Hostology from the Bermuda Triangle University,
a Masters of Spookology from the University of Transylvania, and he became
a Professor of Horror Hosting at the University of the Devil's Sea.
While exploring ancient caves in central Australia, The Professor and his companions
Scotty MacProfessor, Col the Adventurer, and Chuck the projectionist,
entered a swirling vortex that took to an alternate universe.
They discovered an old castle and in its bowels they found a hidden library
full of old horror movies. An ancient text revealed that the only way to return
to their universe was to screen an old movie but didn't reveal to them which one one.
Now every week the must show a new movie in the hopes of returning home.

SEASON 1, 2, 3 & 4


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"The Professor's Scary Movie Show"

Facebook: Bradley Beard - Horror Host Artist
"The Professor"

"The Professor's Scary Movie Show"

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