"The Eleventh Hour" was a thriller, suspense and science fiction anthology series. There are conflicting dates for the show's run, with one source suggesting that the show commenced in 1941. Other sources suggest that the show ended around 1946.

Further speculation is that the show commenced in Australia through Artransa around 1959 and aired some 52 episodes and that the South African series commenced around 1963 and ceased around 1971.
That the South African series' first 52 episodes in 1963 originated from Australia, and from 1964 produced their own stories.

It is likely that the 1941 series was a CBS radio show that utilised short stories from such authors as James Barrie - "My Brother Henry" and "The Smoking Table" & H H Munro - "The Seventh Pullet". The program may also have been known as "At the Eleventh Hour".
Stories were told by "The Man With The Pipe."

From all the evidence available it seems as though there were three shows:
1) USA around 1941 also known as "At The Eleventh Hour"
2) Australia around 1959
3) South Africa between 1963-1971

The show did not have a host, but it did have an announcer. The name of the announcer is unknown at this point.


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