Ricky, Caitlin and Karen Dick.

"Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop" was a horror movie hosted show with Ricky Dick as "Gravely MacCabre", Karen Schnaubelt Turner Dick as "Grizelda MacCabre", Caitlin Dick as "Skully MacCabre". The show ran from October 2006 until 2009. The show firstly screened on Saturdays at midnight in 2006, then moved to Friday in February 2008 on HSTV Channel 19 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania and carried on Atlantic Broadband Cable in southwest Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia. From 11 January 2008, it was also screened on Fridays and Saturdays at Midnight on CSMTV (College of Southern Maryland), Comcast educational Channel 98 (available in five counties in Maryland) and from 2 February 2008 until 2009 on RTN (Retro Television Network) (WPXI digital channel widely available in Pittsburgh PA cable/broadcast area). Segments included "Uncle Vlad's Bad Vampire Jokes" and "Whiplash's Poetry Corner".

From 2008, Ricky Dick as "Gravely MacCabre", (along with many of the characters from their television show), is the crypt keeper of "Castle Blood", Pennsylvania's haunted house in Monessen.

From their web page:
Prepare yourself for an adventure in Castle Blood, Pittsburgh's most unique haunted house and Pennsylvania's premier theatrical haunted attraction. Housed in a historic 100-year-old funeral home Castle Blood has been delighting crowds for more than 25 years with its famous Haunted Adventure Tour. The tour features a game that changes yearly, always with new game challenges that bring back enthusiastic guests again and again. American Airlines Magazine described a visit to Castle Blood as "playing Clue in the Addams Family house." With a rotating cast of characters, no two visits are exactly the same. You may be helped on your quest by an elegant vampire, a beautiful spirit, wacky witch or mad scientist, but you may just as easily be hampered by a menacing monster, a vengeful vampire, an undead bride, wayward werewolf or hungry ghoul. Each night the household staff attempts to keep the "mortal guests" in one piece by order of the masters, but things do tend to go awry.

J.J. Orbany's character "Baron Wolfbane" had his own show "Howling Horror Theatre".
For further information on "Howling Horror Theatre", click on the links below:

The following are some promotional clips from "Castle Blood":

Castle Blood - Haunted House from The Professor on Vimeo.

Portrait of "Gravely MacCabre" by Dave Dunlap.

Portrait of "Gravely MacCabre" by Bradley Beard.
"Gravely MacCabre" - biography (taken from Bradley Beard's Facebook page)
Mr. Lobo dubbed his show "Hee Haw for dead guys". Today I present Gravely MacCabre, host of Castle Blood's Midnight Monster Hop on Public Access Channel 19 in Uniontown, PA and WPXI Channel 11 in Pittsburgh, PA. The show ran from 2006 to 2009 and reached 75 markets across the United States at the height of its popularity. Gravely began haunting TV audiences on Fitzgerald's Realm of Magic Chicago from 1995-1997 and then on Fright Night Fridays with the Spooky Spectre from 1996-1999. Gravely currently acts as caretaker for the Castle Blood haunted attraction in Pittsburgh, PA. So if your ever up in his neck of the woods, Gravely would love to show you around his morbid domain. Castle Blood is a must see attraction for Halloween lovers. Visit the website for more info.

Around 2008, Ricky Dick released at least two instructional direct to DVDs.
Castle Blood #1 and #2 "Famous Make-Ups of Haunting", are advanced theatrical makeup instruction for haunters, Halloween fans and other spooky folk.
#1 looks at makeup for: The Vampire, The Spectre and The Caretaker.

#2 looks at makeup for: The Witch, The Warewolf, The Zombie.

In the mid to late 1990's, Ricky Dick was a regular on "Fright Night Friday".
For further information on "Fright Night Friday", click on the below link:

The following are some clips from "Castle Blood's Midnight Monster Hop":

Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop hosted by "Gravely MacCabre" (clips) from The Professor on Vimeo.


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