"The Witching Hour" and "Shock Theatre" were hosted horror movie show with Ed Scott and Peg Scott for WTVT Channel 13, Tampa, Florida. It is likely that the show was originally "The Witching Hour", but changed name to "Shock Theatre" to take advantage of the Shock package from Universal. The premise: a creepy duo living in a spooky mansion - who would present horror movies.

Their haunted house was fairly elaborate at that time and a chore for the crew to put up each week. Realistic cobwebs were created by diluting rubber cement and applying the webs out of a makeshift paint sprayer powered by a vacuum cleaner.

It was a technique similar to that used by "The Munsters" a few years later.

Ed Scott was also well known as "3-D Danny", in the Channel 13 series "The Adventures of 3-D Danny" Click on the below photograph of "3-D Danny" to visit our "3-D Danny" page.


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